Romans get their backsides kicked - again. By Everybody.

Rather than give a blow by blow description of my continued humiliation at the hands of my so called friends- I'll just provide you with loads of pictures with a caption or two- I find typing out the details of my sordid defeats too distressing to give the full details of the shame and denigration of my Romans at the hands of Gauls, Macedonians, a pack of rabid penguins, and I think the ladies from local Cup Cake making guild.....or was that the Seleucids.?..I don't defeat is pretty much the same as another- they all become a  blur in my memory. Poor Romans. Crap Generalship.
This post is therefore dedicated to the piles of Roman lead left strewn about the battlefields in recent times, self pity and self deprecation....and for my opponents....supposed friends-  they said it should be call 'The Joy of Six'.

The humiliation begins. I deployed well (in the far corner) but the enemy- Ross and Richard managed to get their elephants across (right of screen) in the nick of time and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat...what a lousy cliche- and it comes nowhere near encapsulating the angst of my despair!