¡No pasarán! More Spanish Civil War.

The Spanish Civil War is a popular gaming period for the Brothers as it enables us to give vent to our wide range of political views. I hold the correct ones...the others are just fascist bastards. 
Anyway there is a huge variety of units, colourful characters and some fascinating history. Paul has always had a keen interest as he is a bit of an Anarchist himself, but it's Phil's outstanding collection (with a small addition of some of my crap) that brings this period to life. For Phil, no unit is complete without a proper flag! So he arrived with box after box of lovely painted figures..and mine were duly relegated to the cupboard as his are much nicer!!

Situation Report:
A town in southern Spain is being held by the Nationalist forces. It is being besieged by a substantial Republican force who have been notified that a relieving force from the Army of Africa is on its way to lift the siege.

The Table: In the foreground the citadel of the besieged town with the outer buildings etc just beyond the walls. The rear of the photo is the Republican position and some trenches facing the town.

Ottomans and Burgundians

Richard's Burgundians have a reputation for being unbeatable (according to our Icon) - so I decided to see if I could add to the long list of smashed opponents with my Ottomans.  I had a small force of Akinjis, a couple of units of Sipahis and Janissaries. In the centre I deployed a bombard.

Richard's Burgundians had 3 mounted Men at Arms and his pike/longbow blocks. These things were some of the most fierce-some combinations that I have ever come across on the wargames table. I couldn't charge them with my cavalry ( because of the pike) and my infantry couldn't outshoot them because of the longbow! They needed to be treated with respect!

My Janissaries- facing the enemy in the distance. They were the right centre of my line.

Royal Marine Commandos hit the Beaches- Bolt Action.

Spyros has a solid force of Royal Marines for his Bolt Action games and he decided to test their mettle against some solid German defenders ( George and I).

Situation report:
Six Sections of Royal Marines  - 45 Commando-  with armour support ( A Churchill and a Centaur) and supporting weapons were to establish themselves on a hostile coast.
The German defenders were well entrenched and supplied with two Pak 40s, three MMGs.
For more pics check out Spyros' blog: http://noduffgamer.blogspot.com.au/

The German Position