Poles vs Swedes

 Trying out our own rules and wanting to put some of my Poles and some of my 17th Century Swedes on the table, I dragged a couple of boxes over to Ross' house. The armies weren't big, we just wanted to get a feel for the period and our rules modifications- and see if I made the right choice in basing the infantry the way I did- see previous blog on TYW/ECW basing!

Poles to the left, Swedes to the right.

Polish left flank - Hussars and Pancerni charging Swedish cavalry

The Haiduks take on the Swedish Pike and Shot boys....they didn't do very well! That damned artillery battery in the distance blew a great big hole in my line. Ross just chuckled as he rolled a couple of sixes....then a couple more.....and then some more......

Pancerni charging harqebusiers.

The Pancerni on the left, Swedish Cuirassiers on the right. The Pancerni took out one unit, but was defeated by the other. 

Infantry clash in the center- Haiduks and Cossacks against the Swedish Pike and shot.

The full table 

Hussars and Pancerni about to sweep away the Swedish right flank.


                                    Red Arrows for the Poles, Blue for the Swedes

The outcome : the Swedish cuirassiers won on the Swedish left flank. The Swedish Pike and Shot units blasted the Polish centre but the Swedish cavalry on the Swedish left were swept away.
The Swedes won.

I was happy with the way the game turned out- still not 100% sure if I've made the right choice about the same sized base frontage for Foot and Horse- but for now it will do.


  1. Those figures (and basing) are particularly nice.

  2. You have super looking armies, John. Did the battering the Poles took early-on from artillery have a significant impact upon the outcome of battle?

    By the way, same size frontage for foot and horse works for Impetvs, why not here too?

    1. Thanks JF. For the infantry - yes, the hammering they got from the very beginning of the game meant that by the time they were within musket range, one unit was gone and another had casualties- and then they got into a fire-fight with the Swedish Infantry....who charged them.
      Regarding frontage- yes true all units in Impetus are the same frontage- and if it's good enough for all the armies of the ancient and medieval world...why not the 17th Century?