Romans vs Macedonians

 A few months ago Geoff and Zels asked us to put on a game to run through our own home grown set of ancient rules that we have been using for a long time now. It was my Republican Romans vs Ross' Antigonas One-Eye's Macedonians. 

The Roman right flank- Elephants and Light Infantry backed up by a unit of Triarii. We won on this side.

The Roman left.....we lost on this side.

The Hastati and Princeps.

Ross's ( Macedonian) lights dancing around my flank.

The phalanx!!....Always looks so damned deadly!

The Legionaries getting on the flank of the phalanx...a damned good position to be in...but the Roman flanks collapse before I could deliver the coup de grace!

Legionaries- disordered, with heavy casualties.....about to be run down....

In the end, the Romans put up a good fight....but the Macedonians took battle honours.


  1. Superb and VERY impressive armies...with a fantastic "coup de grâce"!

  2. Very nice armies, particularly the phalanx and elephant units.

    1. Thanks Norm- Ross' Phalanx always looks so good!