My new Vikings take the field...and lose...but my old Romans win.

 A couple of games from the last couple of months......

Ross was aware that I had finished my Vikings. As he has Byzantines, Normans and Muslim forces that are all from the same period- I took my army off to his place and found an army waiting for them!

What did I find? A Hamdanid Arab force - awaiting my plundering and rampaging Vikings.

Both from the same time period - mid 10th Century....but very different in composition!

My Vikings. Anchoring my left flank on some low hills.

The center of the Arab line. Just about every unit in this army had bow. The infantry, the cavalry, the donkeys, the dogs, the camp followers, the pet rocks....everyone had a damned bow.

The heavily weighted Arab left flank.

The Arab right flank. A couple of cavalry units and next to them the some Ghazi style bedouin warband 

My forces- the triple(!!) line in the middle was berserkers in front , then my Huscarls and then hird.

My Berserkers just go.....they don't wait, they don't ask where, they don't ask how many, they don't even look....they just go.

The two armies race forward. My Vikings on the right - The Hamdanids on the left. For me, there was no point in just hanging back- sooner or later I had to get stuck in ..if I sat back he would just shoot me to bits. With the advantages of heavy infantry and being in Shield-wall I would have some protection....but he would eventually whittle me down.

I refused my right flank..and my center just went hell for leather to punch a hole in his army.

Huscarls hitting his Dailami light infantry...there wasn't much of them left after my axes finished with them.

Arab cavalry attacking my left flank.

The last of the three unit of Berserkers hitting his Bedouin....he had been outshooting me all day.

The Viking line getting close...and each step of the way we were being hit by a hail of arrows.

Huscarls holding back the cavalry.

The centre

Hird being hammered with javelin

My right...watching all of his bow armed cavalry..shooting at me. I didn't really have an effective response- i had a couple of skirmishers and a bow unit..but we were totally out-shot.

When the boys did get in to contact they caused fearful casualties!!

In the end, the Arabs took the day!! A good game with the final casualty list showing a definitive Arab win.....until next time.


On the upside my Republican Romans had a big win against the Macedonians!

Ross, Spyros and I went to a club meet here in Sydney- Company of Dice. Great bunch and very welcoming! 

Sypros and I were the Romans, Ross the Macedonians. It was such a good game that I forgot to take pics- but the Macedonians stripped my right flank but in the centre the Legionaries beat up the phalanx and won the game!

Phalanx versus Legion.

The Roman left- the combination of velites, cavalry and elephants caused the Macedonians problems.....well they had a similar combination...but teh Romans had better die rolls in combat and morale!

Rolling up the phalanx!

The legions hitting the phalanx...the battle was decided here- at top of the picture a unit of princeps swinging into the flank of the got nasty!

The Roman right- it was totally swamped by the Macedonians and only a Unit of Hastati and some Velites were left..holding on just long enough for the legions in the centre to do their job.


  1. Excellent couple of games there Roger - the Vikings of course suffered the curse of the recently painted, but it still looked like a lot of fun, and at least you also had a win with the Romani!