Round three!! Assyrians and Elamites!

 So the Round three was fought out just after Chrristmas. In our first game my Elamites had been victorious. In the rematch Ross' Assyrians had smashed my army very it was time for the DECIDER!!

Assyrian Left flank....Elamite light cavalry (left) up in the Assyrians' (right) faces skirmishing from turn 1.

The table- Elamites on the left, Assyrians on the right.

The Elamite line....well not really a line.....but you know what I mean.

On my extreme left I sent out a force of Light Cav and Light Infantry....working together they did quite well!

My Light Cav, skirmishing against his heavier types.

On my left and in the center I took the fight to the enemy..firing all the way. The two armies are very interesting. I have superior firepower, but he has the much better combat troops. Mine perform very poorly in melee. 

My skirmishers dash forward ....these guys were some of my most successful shooters of the day.....i think I rolled more 6s with them than any other fact in the first two turns they didn't miss.
A very disgruntled Ross said ..." Oh what? They've got fin stabilising, laser guided, sabot discarding arrows??? F*ck off!" ( I did roll double 6...TWICE!!!)

His Assyrian heavies...these guys mean business.

Assyrian Guard Archers....these guys are tough!!

Watching his heavy chariots move forward in the distance..

Sitting on a the usual style...

Shooting at his didn't stop them

Main Assyrian infantry line moving forward ( on the right). All my archers firing away.

Fighting on my kallipani chariots going in...not really what they're meant to do....and they lost. Further light infantry fighting in the woods

Attritional fire fight

I sent my light infantry aggressively against some of his heavies who were skulking in a wood. The heavies were disordered in the terrain, but my lights proved more than a match in the rough terrain.

His right flank...victorious in beating some of my light cavalry and a chariot about to chase my lights away ( left of pic).

My left center...his archers holding the edge of a wood. Fire fight..with arrows!

The gap in front of my archer line....i shot down a number of his was this success in the left center of my battle line that led to the final result...other wise it would have been the Assyrians carrying the day

His Guard Archers vs my line archers and Kallipani chariots

This picture tells a sad story.....his chariot force sweeping eveything before me. Ross' Assyrians are based two chariots to a base...mine are only one, so it looks like has double the number of troops!

Assyrian Heavy chariots vs Elamites Heavy Chariots....the Assyrians made a mess of the Elamites....but a chariot unit did get behind him ....

The Middle of the table , where I was able to out shoot and outfight his archers......but on my right he was stomping me into the ground!

Putting pressure on his archers...weight of firepower!!

My left flank.....having lost one chariot and one light infantry lights skirmishing with his cavalry.

My last chance...hitting his main infantry line with my chariots.....attempting to break his infantry.

 A very tough, hard fought battle that two turns from calling it, looked like a comprehensive and glorious Assyrian victory ( Well that's Ross' terminology) But on the final turn, I broke his main battle line command and on count back both armies hit their a very bloody draw!!!!!!


  1. Fantastic battle display! You have two beautiful armies. The basing looks like perfect for Impetvs. What rules are in use?

    1. Thanks JF- yes it's Impetus basing but a home grown set of rules that we have been using for about 15 years.

  2. Lovely looking figures

  3. Superb looking game and figures. A real feast for the eyes.

  4. Superb looking game and honours even

    1. Thanks Neil- yes the honours are even- at this point.

  5. Wow - that was a "close run thing" and no mistake! Fantastic looking armies - do you use some kind of points system to ensure a balanced game - it reads like the Assyrians have most of the advantages in troop types - but if the Elamites have 2:1 advantage in numbers, that would balance things up?

    1. Very close run! Thanks Keith- yes we are using a point system- both armies are equal in points although as I have less figures per base it looks like my Elamites are a lot less than Ross' Assyrians. The Assyrians have better melee capability but the Elamites have better firepower.

  6. Crikey that is a lot of Assyrian chariots John. BTW, love the Impetus basing :)


    1. Thanks Rich- yeah..a hell of a lot and the Elamites felt it!. ...yes I know....the Impetus basing is the best.

  7. That is lovely, a chariot block must be one of the most appealing of images for the wargamer.