A change of pace- 40K

 Well I don't normally post games that are Sci-Fi, but my son and his "Band of Wargame Brothers" often play 40k. I decided to join in...but got lost is a flurry of 'Sons of Nurgle' , 'Forge World', 'Power Armour', 'Saving throws', 'Invulnerable saves' and loads of dice throwing. Using a table that had been left out and slightly modified from a previous day's Spanish Civil War game. 

I hadn't played in a long time, but it was an interesting experience!!  I did get a tad confused but lots of things got killed- and we rolled a lot of dice!!

I learnt a few new tricks...I am wondering if I can include a 'Drop Ship' in my next American Civil War game?? The Texas Brigade 'dropping in' behind Union lines??

Or some 'Terminators' against the Army of Louis XIV???....I know.!!!...."Khorne Beserkers" to help out my poor performing Republican Romans!!!

This is the sort of firepower I want in my next WWII game!!


  1. Splendid it takes all sorts 👍 hopefully one day your son will be fighting his mates with Romans and Carthaginians

    1. Thanks Matt, we have played a few historical skirmish games like Force on Force, but hopefully he will come over from the Dark Side for more historical games!

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    1. It was a good day- the boys knew what was happening even if we didn't!