SPANISH CIVIL WAR - encounter battle.


A period the Brothers come back to every so often- The Spanish Civil war gives us the opportunity to display the full spectrum of political views within our group.....and as i have said- I hold the correct ones- the others are just fascist bastards.

In this encounter battle, the Nationalists and the Republicans were advancing towards a town to capture the three bridges and halt the advance of the opposing force. What turned into a bloody stalemate was an enjoyable game as neither side managed to capture more than one bridge each. Time ran out- so neither side could declare victory!

The Table

The Railway Bridge- with the tracks torn up in the middle.

The Legion- taking pot shots across the table.

Firing position amongst the rocks.

Militias trying to storm across a bridge....tank in the way!!

Moroccans preparing to charge across the shallow, fordable part of the river

Here they come!   No Pasaran!!

White Russians, Carlists and Moroccans storming across the shallow river.

Heavy fighting- Republican and Nationalist armour and infantry in combat

View from the Republican lines- Nationalists advancing.

The last move as the Nationalist wave comes across.


  1. Great photos mate - good fun game. Especially like the one of Phil's ranks of infantry crorring the river under fire.

    1. Thanks Richard- That is a nice photo- the Nationalist horde crossing the river under fire!

  2. A fantastic layout ,a great scenario ,lots of good pictures , the figures look OK .
    It would make a good day game ,the modification of some rules worked well.

    1. The figures are excellent- You're being modest Mr H!

  3. A marvellous looking table and then, with the figures and vehicles, a top game! It seems to have been a really close thing too? I really like your figures, the different poses and range of troops.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James- all the figures are Phil's and he does a nice paint job. It was a top game - and very close- ending in a draw ( we ran out of time!!)