Republican Romans, Samnites, Gauls and Etruscans!

 A game that was fought years ago and I came across the pictures- thought I'd post them.

Two bloody huge armies- fighting across a river. An Etruscan/Gallic alliance fighting against a combined force of Samnites and Republican Romans.

We threw a lot of figures on the table- and rolled a lot of dice!

In the end the Gallic/Etruscans won by the narrowest of margins- mainly because there were so many Gauls!


The Samnites

Samnites crossing the river.

Etruscan cavalry move against the maniples!


The Romans

The Etruscans and to their right- the Gauls. Romans and Samnites across the river.

Etruscan Cavalry harassing the Romans

Etruscans vs Romans

First line of Gauls moving across the river at the top of the picture.

At this point...I forgot to take more photos...a chronic problem of mine as game progress!


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    1. Thank you!! A combined effort from many of us if I remember correctly.