Great Northern War Saxons

 As this ridiculous obsession grows over the Great Northern War, I looked into the Lead Mountain and dragged out a pile of figures from the late 17th Century - Front Rank ones- that I had bought a while ago. I had plans for these guys, to do some late 17th Century conflict- the Boyne, or Grand Alliance..but never got around to decided to paint them up as Saxons for the GNW!

Flags from Warfare Miniatures!

I took the photos in direct sunlight and I kinda like the effect.
I know that each Saxon Regiment should have three flags each. I have the flags but didn't have the figures to hold them except for one of the Regiments - Reuss'.

So I decided I would just have two flags for the others.
......I know I know, I can hear the cries......."weak"........"shame"......"poor form"......."lazy"......."let the side down"......"standards are slipping" ......"a wargame's disgrace"......"would never have happened under Wellington".....etc etc.....thanks boys.

Four Regiments: Konigin's (yellow and white flags), Lowenhaupt's (dark navy  and white flags), Heyne's (red and white flags) and Reuss' (dual pale blue and white flags). 


  1. Absolutely fantasic looking units John! Front Rank are still one of my favourite figure ranges and seeing these reminds me why! As to the flag nazis (if they dare say anything, which I doubt..they are all on TMP arent they?!) just ignore them - most of us have similar compromises I am sure - I certainly do!

    1. Thanks Keith- Agreed- I love Front Rank- my War of the Roses army is front rank as are 90% of my WSS. And as for compromising on flags, uniform colours, etc- it happens more often than not!

  2. More great work John. Will look brilliant on the table.

  3. Ridiculous obsession? Perhaps. Gorgeous project? Undoubtedly!