Success for Admiral Seymour - Boxer Rebellion ( Part 4)


The campaign towards Peking continues and Admiral Seymour's Allied force has taken the first major obstacle! 

The eight Allied continents started at each end of the table- four at one end, four at the other and had to fight their way into the huge fort that took up the centre of the table.

Following on from the format from the large game a couple of years ago- all players were on the same side against an umpire controlled enemy. Each player was briefed as to who they could and couldn't assist and who they were in fierce rivalry with.  The main objective- establish a foothold in the fort. Other objectives included the 4 Chinese artillery firing platforms and the 3 gates - 2 at the northern end, 1 at the southern end.

The Table: The Chinese fort in the middle with its thick mud walls, firing platforms bristling with guns, Boxers and Imperial troops. From the north (left) came the Germans, Russians, Japanese and Americans.
From the south (right) the French, Austrians, British and Italians.

View from the northern end. The buildings here had to be cleared by the Allies as there were Boxer units lurking about before they could go for the main objective. 

Bannermen and Imperial riflemen awaiting the Allied assault.

BIG Chinese bombard. Caused problems for the American marines and the Japanese!

Imperial Chinese riflemen waiting. This unit had modern rifles and inflicted casualties on the Japanese (Ross), sent the Americans (Evan) scurrying for cover  and forced the Russians ( Richard) to be very cautious. When the Allies finally pinned them and forced them to keep their heads down, it was a race to the gate they were defending....but alas, none of the Allied troops had artillery to batter down this northern gate- so they had to scale the walls. The Japanese were first in this sector followed by the Americans

A Boxer unit hiding in a temple....The Americans would be slowed for two turns while they neutralised this position!

Japanese troops move forward, clearing resistance as they go- they would take heavy casualties from Chinese Imperial troops covering the main northern gates.

Germans with Russians to their right.

The Russian contingent.

Small villages that the Allies at the southern end hand to neutralise before going for the fort.

Boxers on the mud walls

French sailors 

Boxers moving to deal with the Foreign Devils.

The Chinese artillery would cause the Allies all sorts of problems.

Boxers waiting patiently behind one of the gates.

A Units of Chinese Imperial Riflemen waiting. This Unit, along with the one defending the northern gates, were the two that had modern rifles- as good as the allies. These chaps waited patiently as the Austrian artillery blew open the gate to their front- but by that stage, the French had scaled the wall behind them- and shot them to bits. Good work Ralph!

British Marines ( Chris P) clearing one of the villages in their path.

French sailors scaling the wall- they were the first Allied contingent into the fort- and they accounted for two of the Chinese batteries as well!

Second unit of French sailors firing into the fort at Chinese Riflemen

Targets of the French Sailors.

Chinese riflemen watching the Kansu Braves charge out through the gate that had been blown open by the Austrians 

The Tiger Bannermen emerge and head for a knot of Austrian Sailors......who didn't last too long. The Austrians had rendered sterling service by pinning the Imperial troops down on the wall ( in the picture) blowing open the southern gate. If this had been a game of 'co-operation', the Austrians would have won.....but alas for Spyros and his Austrians...they were left standing by the British and French who were on each side of them - who took advantage of the Chinese focus on the small Austrian contingent ....while the British and French got into the fort. 

US Marines ( center of photo) firing and pinning down Imperial troops ( in red with yellow/red flag).

Japanese sailors scaling the front wall. They would be wiped out- but only after taking care of the very troublesome Imperial Riflemen ( in dark blue, right of pic)

Russians moving up behind the Japanese. Both these contingents refused to assist each other in any way......

The eventual winners- The French!!

The last couple of Japanese sailors.

British Marines , about to scale the south west bastion.

Her Majesty's Marines are up!

The Germans ( Phil) took up positions in the adjacent buildings- fired with little effect into the fort...and with little effect at Boxers in the open......

But at least claimed the best building for a future Legation!!

British Marines taking out a Chinese battery.

French Sailors- they scaled the wall, took out a Boxer Unit, two Chinese batteries and then took up firing positions to clear the interior of the fort. The winners of the day!

At game's end- all the respective contingents.
The Italians were off table ( right) as they didn't have a player on the day

So Admiral Seymour has taken one fort ...but there are more obstacles on the road to Peking!

Honours went to the French on the day! 
The Japanese were second into the fort very closely by the US Marines!!


  1. I can really appreciate the ton of work that went into this post - thank you. Your table and armies look great. You don’t see many wargames with forces scaling walls and it does add a lot to the narrative.

    1. Thanks Norm- the Brothers enjoyed the game and we got a laugh out of it.

  2. Super game photos, John! I find that colonial, lower-level actions work very well with all active players on one side in a cooperative game while the enemy is run by the umpire or AI.

    1. Thanks Jonathan- I agree- colonial games like this can be very one sided if players are against each other- and the fact that they can't actually shoot each other seems to make them think twice about what to do.

  3. Awesome game, rules and set up. Looking forward to the next one brother.