Great Northern War- solo: Russians and....Turks!!


Using a similar sort of scenario from my last AWI solo effort- I had a column Russian Troops attempting to push thru a Turkish defensive position ...during the fighting of 1711....the Russians probing the Turkish lines.

A small force of Turks were holding a village at a crossroad. A unit of skirmishers, a Unit of Janissaries, some local militia, two guns and 3 units of Tartar cavalry ( 1 light and two sipahi types).

The Russians had three battalions of Foote- all trained and all armed with pike and musket. They also had four squadrons of trained Dragoons and a single gun.

I played the Russians. The Turkish infantry were driven by a card system, that gave them the 'stand' option being the most numerous  and with a  'counter attack' and 'retreat 1 turn' thrown in. Instead of cards you could just use a chart and roll a d6 or 2.

The sipahi cavalry were driven by cards that said  'stand' ( 1 card) 'move towards nearest enemy' ( 2 cards). the light cavalry unit was just a skirmish unit, so it would 'skirmish' or 'retreat'. 

The Narvski Regt deploys facing the Turks.

Local militia hold the village with artillery support.

Yarolavski Dragoons on the left flank.

Three Russian infantry battalions arrive - in column as the gun deploys on the edge of a hamlet.

Gun deployed, Foote in line...ready to advance.

Prince Repnin's Regt ( white flag  advancing in column) and the Schlusselburgski Regt deployed and ready to advance. Turkish skirmishers taking pot shots in front of them in the trees.

Janissaries waiting.

The centre of the Turkish position- militia and guns in the village- Janissaries to the west ( left).

The second gun on the far Turkish right.

Tartar light cavalry sweep forward to harass the Russian Dragoons. ( the skirmish card came up)

Mobile reserve- two units of Tartars- heavier than the other unit.

The Tartars ride forward, harassing the advancing Dragoons- who fire while mounted- not very effectively. 

Atmospheric shot..looking over the head of the Russian infantry, Turks dimly in the background.

Advance- Turkish Arnauts, skirmishing.

The Russians advance. At the top, the Tartars are in front of the two squadrons of Russian Dragoons- skirmishing and slowing down their advance.

Skirmishers out in front....doing their job

now falling back.....

Dragoons wanting clear those pesky Tartars from their front....

The Tartar lights, evade  ( reaction test) and fall back....allowing the second Turkish gun to fire at the Dragoons


Firefight---Janissaries and Russians blasting away.

The Russians doing a better job...Peter the Great's reforms..and years of fighting Swedes seems to be paying off.

Dragoons charge the militia...who, being in a defensive position, stand. The Dragoons get hit by the heavier Tartars.  Surprised the hell out of me. They stood!

Turn 3 and the other Russian Dragoons arrive- my poor 'arrival die roll' meant they took their time. first Russian battalion breaks....the militia and supporting artillery inflicting some awful casualties. Who'd have thought? Turkish militia!

The Turkish position intact after the first Russian wave. But disordered and with casualties.

The heavy Tartars protecting the flank of my militia, melee with the Dragoons.

My Dragoons break!

Some Russian success- forcing the Janissaries to retreat.

But in no condition to follow up.

Skirmishers taking pot shots....a steady drain of casualties

Main position holding against Russian attacks. The Janissaries ( just off picture at bottom have gone)

Uncommitted Tartars driving forward.

Volley fire!.....

Melee....only just able to drive them off

Taking casualties....two remaining infantry battalions, one shaken, one disordered....not in a good way.

Victory to the House of Osman!

The Turks won the day and held off the Russians. 


  1. A great looking game - I have to admit, having only a Swedish army, I was rooting for the Turks! I guess it validates your solo system that the opposition can win despite being card driven...

    1. Thanks Keith...I like my Turks so much that even when they beat me I'm happy..even if the general was some randomly generated, card written, instructions. The Russians will need more training!

  2. Congrats to the Turks...and to you John, fantastic report, period...and armies!

  3. John, this is a fab looking battle. Great job on play, figures, and photography. I like it!

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I appreciate your support!

  4. Who needs Netflix ! a very interesting game , at the start I thought the Russians were a shoe in but the rules and card system makes the result more exciting .
    The pictures are top notch.

    1. Hey Phil, I'm glad it's almost replaced your television viewing!

  5. Nice to see the Turks hold their own!

    1. Thanks John- the Turks always have a surprise or two up their sleeve.

  6. Great looking game - always lovely to see an Ottoman army, and your Russians look superb!

    1. Thank you! Yes- I love my Ottomans- and they are always happy to fight Russians!