Boxer Rebellion - The Seymour Expedition- Part 2 (Solo).


China, 1900- In the very early stages of Admiral Seymour's expedition,  outlying troops on his line of march, were ordered to move towards the train line to be collected by the advancing column.

A unit of Allied troops near a small village move towards the main train line to await the approaching allied troops. The local Boxers, prompted by the local Imperial commander, decide to deal with the foreigners.

The Austro-Hungarian sailors with their machine gun arrive first, to await the arrival of a unit of French sailors and another of Japanese sailors.....but the Boxers and Imperial troops have other ideas.

The table.

The Austro-Hungarian sailors and their MG arrive first.

First of the Imperial troops arriving

Another unit of Imperials

The Austrian MG at the crossroads...overwatch on the roads leading to the railroad.

The French sailors marching up the road.

The French- oblivious to the danger....

Japanese sailors..decide not to use the road, but cut across country.

The Austrians.....suddenly seeing a large number of Boxers coming their way.

Move behind the low stone wall.....

Unsure what to make of the rabble moving their way.

The sound of a chattering M1893...attracts the imperial troops.

Imperials moving up....behind the MG

AMBUSH!- The Boxers charge out ...the French sailors under pressure.

Driving the Boxers off..with heavy loss.

'Keep firing man..keep firing!!"

Imperials flanking the MG.

Arrival of the Japanese as the Boxers charging the MG pass across their front.

By move 4.....

French sailors under fire from Boxers and Imperials.

The MG...about to be overrun....."Imperials???..but i thought it was just Boxers??"

The French...lots of casualties....unable to advance

..take cover in a building.....

Ignoring the French....the Austrians dead...focussing on the Japanese at the top of the picture.

Advancing at the Japanese sailors

The Japanese- in cover..holding on as another unit of Boxers appear in the distance.

Japanese numbers whittled down......

A game that saw a Chinese victory with the Imperials shooting well, .....Admiral Seymour is in for a nasty surprise when he arrives......


  1. Lovely looking table and figures John

    1. Thanks Keith! Appreciate your consistent support!

  2. Super looking table and figures, John! Bad news allowing the MG team to become outflanked. Very colorful Chinese waiting to greet Seymour upon arrival.

    1. Thanks Jonathan- yes...basic tactics 101...and I failed! Seymour is in trouble....there are a lot more Boxers on the way!

  3. Great scenario,top table layout , no doubt result approved by the current Chinese Govt. History section ..First time I've seen Japanese sailors of that period .I don't think you want this lockdown to end .

    1. Thanks Phil- the result may be approved- but doesn't mean the next result will be approved!. Not end? Don't say that - it's time to get some face to face games in when it does!!!