Remember the '19! Battle of Glen Shiel June 10th 1719

I received a call from Paul who asked me if I knew anything about the Rebellion of the '19,  probably one if the least known of the Jacobite Rebellions. Do I know anything about it I said?....I had relatives there! And I had gamed it once long ago! 
Well given my collection and the campaign of 1715 that we did last year he asked if it was possible to have a rerun and change history. I told him yes and no. Yes to the rerun, no to changing history...I was certain that the Jacobites didn't stand a could I be wrong???
Paul would have me eating my words!

General Wightman commander of the Hanoverians

Beau Geste lends a hand- Vive La Legion

Phil came past the other day with his Colonial skirmish collection in tow. It has various bits and pieces including French Foreign Legion, Italian Bersaglieri, French Marines, Senegalese Tirailleurs, and Marine Fusiliers. Great I thought....this calls for a game! So Phil devised a cunning scenario where the Tirailleurs and the Bersaglieri were pinned down at separate locations by hordes of Arabs/Tuareg/desert rabble/Lost Armies of Middle Earth and other assorted such trouble makers. The Legion was tasked with marching to their rescue with the Marines to extract them.
Now Phil also wrote the rules which are undoubtedly inspired by years of scholarly research, wide reading, learned debate, deep reflection, personal experience........and Hollywood.
In this game the colonial troops are able to outshoot and out fight their opponents unless the attacking rabble outnumber them approximately 500,000 to one......well that may be overstating the case but the irregulars do have a tough time!

The Italians face their first attack