Friday, September 29, 2017

ZOGO- African Flashpoint - NATO RAPID REACTION FORCE IN KELWAZI, Patanga Province ( Part 6)


For more pics see Spyros’ Blog ( No Duff gamer)

The serious deterioration of the situation in the southern provinces in Zogo is of grave concern to the UN Security Council. Despite his brutal subjugation of the rebellion, which is on its last legs, bloody violence has plagued the southern provinces as tribes hostile to M'shombe's ruling tribe, and his regime, have inflicted bloody retribution on the minority Baako tribe who have responded with violence of their own. Rebel groups, none associated with the PLF (Patanga Liberation Front) have sprung up and are causing mayhem.

KELWAZI: Looking from the north, the mine in the middle, hills to the west ( right) airfield at the far end. The NATO troops were airdropped to the west (the right).

Friday, September 15, 2017

ZOGO- Modern Africa. The Crisis deepens. (Part 5)


(See also No Duff Gamer Blog)

The ongoing violence in the south of the country has begun to destabilise the existing social structure and harmony of the region. Despite recent victories, the President of the troubled African nation has been unable to subdue rebel groups that have begun to break away from Meeko Momfasa’s Patangan Liberation Front (PLF).  In fact, several groups have now claimed that they are the legitimate Liberation movement after the death of Beeko Momfasa. In addition to this, Mshombou’s violent retribution against some of his own people is leading to a greater cycle of violence in the more remote section of the country in the south. The absence of his Zogo Africa Rifles and the consolidation of his Presidential Guard on campaign with the President, has meant that resource rich sections of the country have been without authority and civil order. Brutal violence is increasing.

Of concern to the West is the recent arrival of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) advisers from China. Besides these ‘advisers’, large amounts of military hardware are landing in the country and being deployed with the President’s dreaded Presidential Guard.

Recent reports from the diamond and uranium rich region of southern Patanga indicate that European mining specialists and their families are being rounded up by ruthless gun toting rebels in the town of Kelwazi. The lives of nearly 1500 French, US, British and Belgian nationals are now at stake.

US RANGERS in training ( From No Duff Gamer Blog) The expertise and combat experience that the Rangers have from service in Afghanistan and Iraq will be of enormous value in fighting the PLF insurgents. Commentators consider that the experienced forces of the Rapid Reaction Force will deal quickly and effectively with their opponents

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Indian Mutiny- The Men Who Would Be Kings

The Osprey Rules The Men Who Would Be Kings seemed like a good way to get my old Indian Mutiny figures out to give them a try. In gaming terms some of these figures hadn't seen the light of day in 20 years, but being nicely painted and Wargames Foundry figures I had been loathe to part with them! So they've sat tight for a couple of decades and finally ALL saw the light of day!

The table. Just to the right, partly visible was the sepoy barracks. The main gates are visible at the upper center of
the photo, where the towers are.
A nice little scenario, which was clearly bigger than the rules were intended for, was devised. Her Majesty's Regiments were to assault the main gates of a city, with all the players being the British and EIC regiments. The Mutineers and other assorted trouble makers were randomly generated with the players actually losing points for taking casualties but achieving their objectives.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

AWI- Patriot Militia

With a couple of British Regiments sitting on my shelf, painted and ready to go, I decided to start on the Rebels....or Patriots, depending on your point of view. So many of the battles of the AWI involved militia units, basically wearing their civilian clothes. Congress also authorised the distribution of linen hunting shirts when 'proper' uniforms weren't available.

 So I set about painting, collecting, borrowing, begging, buying etc a number of militia units that can be used in any scenario by just changing the flag (If they had one!). I've decided to go with the Southern Campaign and build forces for Camden, Cowpens and Guildford I need a quite a few units to represent North and South Carolina and Virginia Militia! Now I'd like to claim the credit for these- but I won't, they were all bought ( I know the Wargaming Gods will strike me down !!)