Bolt Action- Pacific Terrain- Stage 1

The Brothers have had this notion that they'd like to play a game of Bolt Action- A large one. They have also mentioned, in passing, that they'd love to play a Pacific war scenario. As the appointed 'minion' ( with Marines, Japanese, Amtracs, DUKWs  and loads of other stuff) I guessed it was up to me to put something together. Paul has Japanese army and sailors, Spyros has Aussies, Japanese and palm trees and I've had boxes of palm trees sitting ready to go and have used them for some games but  inspired by the series 'The Pacific' and other movies I splashed out on some XPS foam, 30 metres(!!) of doweling, glue, paint and other bits and pieces. The first phase was to cut the foam to shape, glue it to the MDF board after cutting some trenches into it. I originally bought 5cm thick foam. Next time, i'd probably go for thinner stuff- it was a pain to cut and my beaches ended up a little too steep.

A Japanese Patrol on the final product.

English vs Spanish

Paul recently made a very sensible, prudent, erudite and timely purchase, showing he has great taste, towering intellect and some spare cash  - he bought a lovely 28mm War of the Roses Lancastrian army- from me! And so he decided that he should use said army against me- where's customer loyalty these days?

Well, he of course was lacking any real experience in using such an army,   I confidently fielded my Trastamara Spanish with lots of pike, arquebus, some field fortifications, a couple of knights and the famed jinetes!

Deployment was a bit problematic for Paul as he had 9 units of Longbowmen, so he just put them in a long line on his left flank, and packed the rest of the army on his right.
Bad move. Really bad move.

The loooooong line of longbow. With stakes. ( thin 'red' line- or is that from another era??)