Sunday, April 29, 2012

Richard's Late Imperial Romans

One of the Brothers, Richard, has begun assembling a Late Imperial Roman Army for Impetus- much to the dismay of the Armatans (see previous blog- Battle of Asculum March 2012!). Anyway, he has photographed a couple of the units and I put them on the blog for the rest of the Brothers to admire! The figures are Armorum and Aquila Minaitures. Check the link under "Essential Supplies". Enjoy! Richard probably spends more time painting a single figure than anyone else that I know....and the results are always impressive! - he has a real gift for blending shades and a real feel for the paints and colours that he used. Nice one mate!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Rebellion of the '15: The Heralds Proclaim a Hanoverian Victory!!

T’were a sad and sorry day for the Jacobite cause at the last Gathering of the Clans….er sorry…I mean : the Brothers . We assembled, once again, amidst the wargame detritus and debris and the understated elegance of my garage (read : Man Cave) to determine the fate of the Rebellion of the ’15, Scotland, The British Isles and the course of European and possibly WORLD  History. Well I may be overstating the case – it may have just been to push little toy soldiers around a table top and hurl abuse at one another- of which more later on. Anyway enough small talk and poor displays of alleged wit- but suffice to say that the Duke of Argyll has redeemed the Honour of his Family Name, and his Clan, in the eyes of his nation, his king, Western Europe, God and…….ooops sorry I’m waxing lyrical again. Well he won.

The Battlefield: Hanoverians on the left, Jacobites on the right.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rebellion of the '15: Prelude to our Battle of Edinburgh

After the defeat at Braemar, Argyll retreated to Perth, where he was greeted by General George Carpenter, 1st Baron Carpenter, who was advancing through Perth with a Regiment of Foote (Harrison’s 15th) a Regiment of Horse (Montjoy’s 3rd) and a Squadron of Dragoons (Stairs- The Inniskillings (6th) ) and a battery of Medium guns.
These went some way to making up the losses from Braemar.  Argyll continued to retreat to Stirling and with the addition of the garrison there (Egerton’s -36th Foote) decided to leave his troops to await the Jacobites while he went south to face the Court of Inquiry. 

Clansmen from the Macdonalds of Clanranald
 Meanwhile the Jacobites had two sets of reinforcements......

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Court of Inquiry- The Duke of Argyll under investigation.

In our very unhistorical campaign, after the Battle of Bramaer, the Captain General (the Duke of Marlborough), ordered a Court of Inquiry into the conduct of the battle. Marlborough, not at all happy with the defeat, or Argyll, decided it was time to remove his senior commander in the Highlands. The Court’s vote narrowly exonerated Argyll by a vote of 2-1. The dissenting vote being Marlborough himself.  The reasoning of the Court in deciding in Argyll’s favour was that if he was removed the Hanoverian cause may lose the crucial support of Clan Campbell (Argyll was a Campbell). And more specifically his written orders from the Duke of Marlborough expressly ordered him to advance against the enemy (which he did) engage the enemy (which he did) and defeat the rebels (which he didn’t). Two out of three ain’t bad!  Stay tuned for the Battle of Edinburgh!
Above and below: Marlborough- the Captain General- restores the command to Argyll

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First World War Trench Action

This game was played in late 2011 and used Phil's and my figures. Mine are the original Wargames Foundry range and Phil's are Renegade Miniatures which are a little bigger and chunkier  but are very  nice  (and well painted).

The game was played on an 8'x 5' table.- lengthways. The scene was 1918 and the German Storm Troopers had to cross a thinly held line of trenches and establish themselves in the town beyond. The trench system was held by British troops who were waiting on reinforcments from the Australian Division to the rear. .......

Plane Reconnaissance over the village