Thursday, December 22, 2016

American War of Independence: 53rd Regiment of Foot.

Well it's started. I'm painting landsknechts and Spanish Jinetes but I'm blogging my first AWI Unit: clearly the workings of a severely disturbed mind with multiple addictions. Don't ask why; I just saw them on eBay- bought them, rebased them and have been admiring them for the last couple of months.
The 53rd Regiment was originally raised in 1755 as the 55th Regiment. Changed to the 53rd at the end of the Seven Years War due to reductions in the regimental establishment, it sailed for Canada in 1776. It served in operations for the relief of Quebec and then joined General John Burgoyne's army advancing into New England via the Hudson Valley.

Taking part in the initial capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the 53rd was part of 'Gentleman Johnny' Burgoyne's 1st Brigade along with the 9th and 47th Regiments. The Battalion Companies were left behind to defend the fort and its outlying defences.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jinetes: Great Italian Wars Spanish Army

I bought these guys half painted on eBay- to round out my Spanish army- Now finished, based and ready to go!
Pikes: Check,
Arquebusiers: Check.
Gente d'Armas: check.
Crossbow men: check
Nearly ready to put them on the battlefield- against Ross' French!

Monday, December 12, 2016

American Revolutionary War

   Well, like most wargamers I tend to have more than one project running at a time and found myself making a purchase that had nothing at all to do with anything I was working on at all. I can change my mind while being in the bathroom about a period that I'm a 'fanatic' on and have a new obsession within minutes of picking up a book on a given topic.
    About two years ago I read a book called 'Fusiliers'  by Mark Urban on the 23rd Welch Fusiliers and their time in the Revolutionary War. Well, I had another book on Battles of the Revolutionary War, then picked up a cheap one ($3.95) on the Battle of Guildford Courthouse and it slowly dawned on me that I really liked this period- so I bought a few more books (Black Powder's 'Rebellion' and the British Grenadier rules)......... You know where this is going!!
   Also I've been a regular reader of the Tarleton's Quarter Blog (see down the right hand side). It is by far and away one of the most amazing and informative blogs on all things wargaming and the AWI! (among others!)- I thoroughly recommend it- it's fantastic.
   Wouldn't you know it.....there were some lovely figures for sale on ebay- so having a little spare cash I bought them. Now regular readers would know that I'm also working on a Spanish Army for the Italian Wars, and playing a Modern Africa campaign, and about to start a 3rd Century BC campaign in Roman Italy.....but I couldn't resist!!!! ....yes  I know there were no Landsknechts during the AWI!!!
I'm still painting pikemen and jinetes- but I guess I'll just have to work on two periods at once...ouch.....don't tell the missus!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

MODERN AFRICA ( PART 3 )SENSATION AT THE UN: T’Mbolo M’shombou wins a double victory.

A recent emergency gathering of the UN Security Council has expressed concern over the recent escalating violence in the small central African nation of Zogo. News reports from creditable sources and Zogo state media have reported a double success for the forces loyal to His Imperial Majesty, Royal Highness, The Right Honorable , His Eminence, General President T’Mbolo M’shombou, father to his people and Messiah of the Nation of Zogo. The President, known for his willingness to drown dissenters in a golden bathtub, was in fine form at a recent 29 hour press conference, where only one question was asked; by a reporter from the New York Times. The reporter was then invited to view the presidential golden bath. And never returned. The rest of the conference was a speech by the Great Leader.

Government troops awaiting the Rebel onslaught!

The Big Man himself overseeing his armoured support

Monday, July 11, 2016

Modern Africa- Trouble on the Zogo (PART 2)

The President was in his Palace when the news came.

He was not happy. His Imperial Majesty, Royal Highness, The Right Honourable, His Eminence, General President  T'Mbolo M'shombou was a father to his people. His loved them all. Some more than others. It was a measure of their ingratitude that again, the trouble making Baako tribesmen of the south were causing trouble.
Did they not have work? Working 14 hour days in the Uranium Mines? Digging underground for diamond? Did they not have food? They were given a coconut and rice each day? His advisers had warned him that the Baako were trouble. Their spokesman, Beeko Mumfasa was stirring up dissent.
Well, his uncle, the Great and Wondrous Aboiye had been forced to lop off a few heads. It was time to do so again.
So confident was the General President of Victory, that he left his Presidential Palace Grenadier Life Guards in the Capital, M'shombou City.  He went south with some of his beloved Zogo African Rifles.
The Village at the center of the rebellion

Modern Africa- A small campaign (PART1)

Spyros once posed the notion of a game in Modern Africa with our forces.  We'd played Rhodesian Bush war scenarios and fighting in Mali, but he wanted a more involved game. So, after a few sources of inspiration (Force on Force, a few movies like Tears of the Sun and the Wild Geese,  the AK-47 Republic rules as well as countless other stuff!) I came up with a game that was a small campaign using amendments for Modern Bolt Action.

His Royal Highness, Imperial Majesty, The Most Enlightened, Highly Exalted,
Commander -In Chief, Field Marshal General, Commodore Admiral and President of Zogo for Life:
T'mbolo M'shombou

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Burgundian Ordonnance vs French Ordonannce

Two armies that I have fought, and lost to, fought it out on the table top last week. I dropped in to grab some photos of Richard's Burgundian Ordonnance Army facing off against Ross' French Ordonnance Army in a late 15th Century clash. The battle  had bombards, super heavy knights, Swiss pike men, longbows, light cavalry and lots more besides. It was a very close game with Ross and Ralph going down to Richard and Nick.

The pictures came out very nicely- for more info see 'Tarty's Tin' blog down the right hand side.

The Knights Clash

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bagradas 255BC- A nice big refight!!

My Romans emerged from their cupboard alongside Paul's Romans to take on a fraction of Nick's Carthaginians, to refight the battle of Bagradas in 255BC. 

Nick has enough Carthaginian lead to create Hannibals army in a 1:2 scale.....yes he has two figures for every one of Hannibal's. I may be overstating the case but to lay his Carthaginians edge to edge requires 30 feet of table. But in this instance he brought a small fraction with him to fight this historical refight.
Historically the Carthaginians, under the command of the Spartan Xanthippus defeated the Consul Regulus...saving Carthage. So it was time to give it a go......... (maybe the Romans (Ross and Paul) could reverse History!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ottomans Vs French Ordonnance

Ross finally got his French Ordonnance Army together- and challenged my Spanish to a game. If you saw my previous blog, my Spanish only have about 12 Units...not enough. But I had another contemporary opponent available- My Ottomans! So a challenge was issued forthwith and I made an appropriate selection of Janissaries, akinjis, spahis, Qapiqulu guard and other assorted rubbish.

Ross' French knights.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Italian Wars- Rennaissance

If you take a look at some of the Blogs I regularly read, many of them are dedicated to, or have great sections on the Italian Wars 1494-1559. There is a lot of colour and pageantry in this period along with diverse troop types. Swiss mercenaries, French Gendarmes, Italian crossbowmen, Landsknechts, arquebusiers, Spanish Jinetes- you name it, it's there. And some very colourful personalities- Pope Julius II, the French Kings Charles VIII, Louis XII, Francis I. Add to this mix El Gran Capitan -Gonsalvo de Cordoba and a host of other characters from France, the Empire, Spain and the Italian States- Naples, Venice, Milan, get my drift! There is enough stuff to keep any wargamer occupied for a few weeks at least!! And when Ross recently told me that he would be doing a French Ordonnance army to cover the second half of the 15th Century I figured that's close enoughfor me. By adding Swiss and some extra artillery he could have Charles VIII's army that invaded Italy in 1494, I decided is was time for me to get my act together and make an opposing force.