Rorke's Drift in 28mm

To add to Nick's growing collection of Zulu War figures and terrain, he purchased the Redoubt Enterprises Rorke's Drift set with Hospital, Storehouse and barricades from Ray at Essex Miniatures here in Sydney. Ralph painted the buildings and barricades and over the last week or so I made terrain for it all to sit on!

The Table laid out with no detail.

Marking out positions

The Rock Ledge

The ledge at the rear of the mission station- where the cookhouse and stove stood- below.

Painting and Flocking the base

The road into the mission station is placed

More Flocking

Get the flock out of here!

The road ramp- painted

Flocking and dry brushing

Nearly done!

Adding the buildings

All done!!

The rough stone Kraal to the north east

Front view

Rear view with cook house and stove

The Redoubt and Storehouse

Side View

Hospital in foreground

View of the mission station from the West

'View' from the Oskarberg

Christmas 2012 Marlburian Grand Battle

The plan was to design a scenario with defence in depth rather than standard six foot wide table- so I based this on a scenario I had read about from the League of Augsburg boys in the UK that had been played a few years ago. Using my Marlburians there was to be 21 French and Bavarian Battalions and 20 squadrons of Horse defending a series of villages. They were commanded by Paul as the duc de Villeroi and he had Ralph as his senior commander on the right flank commanding the Bavarians and some French troops. In the centre were Phil and Brian and Paul held the left flank. The Allied objective was to cross the river to their front and storm the villages held by the enemy. The French were to attempt to stop them.
On the opposite side was the army of Milord the Duke of Marlborough (played by Nick) with a total of 26 battalions of foot and 28 Squadrons of Horse and Dragoons (English, Scots, Danes, Prussians, Hanoverians, Dutch and Austrians). Nick took the English contingent on the Allied left with Chris as his subordinate commanding some of the redcoats. In the centre Ross and Roger commanded the large Dutch contingent and on the right of the Allied line Lochlainn commanded the combined Danish, Hanoverian and Imperial troops. The Prussians were commanded by Liam and these had been sent on a wide flank march on the Franco-Bavarian right. They would appear at a crucial phase in the battle.

French Center