Sunday, May 22, 2016

Burgundian Ordonnance vs French Ordonannce

Two armies that I have fought, and lost to, fought it out on the table top last week. I dropped in to grab some photos of Richard's Burgundian Ordonnance Army facing off against Ross' French Ordonnance Army in a late 15th Century clash. The battle  had bombards, super heavy knights, Swiss pike men, longbows, light cavalry and lots more besides. It was a very close game with Ross and Ralph going down to Richard and Nick.

The pictures came out very nicely- for more info see 'Tarty's Tin' blog down the right hand side.

The Knights Clash

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bagradas 255BC- A nice big refight!!

My Romans emerged from their cupboard alongside Paul's Romans to take on a fraction of Nick's Carthaginians, to refight the battle of Bagradas in 255BC. 

Nick has enough Carthaginian lead to create Hannibals army in a 1:2 scale.....yes he has two figures for every one of Hannibal's. I may be overstating the case but to lay his Carthaginians edge to edge requires 30 feet of table. But in this instance he brought a small fraction with him to fight this historical refight.
Historically the Carthaginians, under the command of the Spartan Xanthippus defeated the Consul Regulus...saving Carthage. So it was time to give it a go......... (maybe the Romans (Ross and Paul) could reverse History!)