Saturday, July 29, 2017

AWI - Playing British Grenadier

Ross, Phil and I decided to give the AWI another go to try and get a better handle on the British Grenadier Rules.

The scenario was for a small British column to make its way across the table to link up with a Brigade of Hessians who were waiting for them.
The Patriots' objective was to stop them.
A fictional scenario using various troops from different theatres but kinda influenced by the battle of Princeton.
The British started by marching from one table edge in column as the Patriots entered the table to their right.
Brunswick Regiment Prinz Friedrich  watches the Americans  arrive. Hessian Jagers to the right.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

SENSATION AT THE UN : Assassination attempt of President T’Mbolo M’Shombou MODERN AFRICA PART 4

See Spyros' Blog - No Duff Gamer for more Photos.

A sensational report was tabled in the United Nations this afternoon.  Members of private military company Bilgewater Inc were involved in an attempted coup in Zogo in the last 24 hours with an unprecedented attack on President for Life T’Mbolo M’Shombou. Reports from Zogo state media allege that hundreds of white mercenaries were killed and that the President’s armoured Mercedes Benz suffered a paint scratch for which the President has vowed revenge to cover the insurance costs.

The Table; City to the top left, airport to the right behind the trees.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Ross wanted to give his French a run so my Spanish emerged to teach those nuisances from the north a lesson in respect.
With a combination of light cavalry, heavy knights, loads of arquebus and pike, I was against Ross' French who had just as many pike, more knights, less light cavalry and more archers!!!
I weighted my right flank with the bulk of my army- but Ross had guessed where the bulk of my army would there was not going to be any fancy business. This was gonna be a bloodbath!

The armies at deployment

My Spanish Pike ( I know there are some Swiss Flags in there - i was short!)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

British Grenadier- American War of Independence.

Ross, Nick, Phil and I gave the British Grenadier rules a run last Friday. These rules are the AWI version for General de Brigade. They're very detailed and involved, but are good to play when you get the hang of them.
The scenario was simple: two small British brigades were faced by two larger Patriot brigades.
The British had 4 regular regiments : 9th, 21st , 53rd and 1/71st Regiments. A unit of Hessian Jaegers, a small unit of British Legion Horse and a Combined light infantry battalion.
 The Americans had 5 units of militia, 2 small units of Virginia Rifle skirmishers, a 4pdr artillery piece and 3 Continental Regiments ( 1st and 2nd Maryland and the 3rd New York.)

Hessian Jagers move in close- against Morgan's Virginia Riflemen

Friday, July 14, 2017

Romans and Macedonians- Ancients

( A report from about two years ago- that I wrote up- and never posted!) Some of the Brothers were summoned to a game of monumental importance. Well, it wasn't all that important, but someone must have thought it was important because there was an almost full house with 9 assembled in the understated elegance of my overdone car park spaces. Ross, Paul, Geoff, Richard, Roger, Lochlainn, Nick, Phil and I piled in on a cold winter's night to watch two large armies, Romans and Macedonians vie for the right to be proclaimed victor for the night- a rather dubious honour! It was good to have a big gathering again for an ancient game- coffee was on the boil, chocolate biscuits were on the table and the game was on. Geoff, Nick, Paul, Roger and Lochlainn were the Romans and Richard, Phil, Ross and I were the Macedonian.
Given my record with my Roman armies of late- no one was willing to let me side with the Legions!