Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Napoleon at War (NaW): New rules trial!

Some of the Brothers have been playing the new rules 'Napoleon at War' ( NaW)and I was invited over to Ross' place for a run. It was a quiet one with Ross, Nick (senior) and myself. As a trial, the forces were kept to a minimum ( 1 Brigade of Infantry, 1 battery of guns , and a Brigade of cavalry). Ross devised a simple scenario- clear the opposition away -and the game was on! We were using Ross' very nicely painted 15mm Poles for both sides..

The deployment- Ross on the left, Nick and I on the right.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oversized Force on Force: A full day's game

A friend of mine, Spyros, came over during the school holidays with his son Evan for a game. Spyros is a very serious gamer and his collection of World War II and modern stuff is enormous. His Force on Force terrain is actually pretty spectacular and so we combined all of mine with his for a game that involved my son Nick, and two of Nick’s friends- Jack and Connor and Spyros and Evan.
The Mission:  A combined US Marine and Bundeswehr ( German Army) operation was designed to flush out  a high value target (HVT) - the local insurgent leader. Evan and Jack played the Bundeswehr . Nick was the US Marines and Spyros, Connor and I were the Taliban. The Bundeswehr's job was to move from one end of the table to the other, take out the target and then arrive safely at the US Marine compound.

Overview- impressive stuff!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Empress Miniatures: SAS Sniper Team

My son ( junior Nick), was very keen on the Empress Miniatures SAS sniper team, so a small order for the said team and the SAS squad was entered via email, and a couple of weeks later duly arrived and he set to work to get them ready for the table! I think he did a great job - for a 13 year old!
The finished product

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Force on Force: Modern Skirmish- A Coalition setback

The Brothers assembled recently on a cold winter's night. We were down on numbers, only Paul, Ross, Phil, Nick (junior), Richard and myself gathered to pit some US Marine fire teams and a covert SAS team against a small pocket of Taliban insurgents.

The Location: a Village called Wadifakawi located on the Afghan/Pakistani border.
The Brief: The area had been cleared of enemy insurgents over a year ago but intelligence reports have determined that there has been unsual activity of late. An SAS team was inserted into the Pakistan side of the border to observe the town. They regularly sent reports that weapons were being stockpiled by small numbers of enemy insurgents. Due to the politically sensitive nature of the border region, no air support could be used or heavy vehicles. ( this made it easy for the umpire, yours truly,  to introduce the Force and Force rules to the Brothers!)
The Center of town: the DSHK 12.7 mm behind sandbags - the building was where the weapons cache had been hidden

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Royal Marine Commandos: Falklands 1982

I recently bought a magazine celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War and found myself wondering about gaming possibilities. Now if you are like me and follow Rusty's 'Hurry up and Wait' Blog ( see the list on the right hand side) in which he is recreating the whole war in miniature you would be aware that there are some great gaming possibilities. So, inspired by some magazines, Rusty's Blog- and some great miniatures from Gripping Beast's MO-FO range-  I painted up 20 Royal Marine Commandos. They turned out better than I expected...my camera wasn't up to the task of photographing the detail in the camouflage.....then again maybe there was no detail to pick up! Next, Argentine Marines!