Monday, July 11, 2016

Modern Africa- Trouble on the Zogo (PART 2)

The President was in his Palace when the news came.

He was not happy. His Imperial Majesty, Royal Highness, The Right Honourable, His Eminence, General President  T'Mbolo M'shombou was a father to his people. His loved them all. Some more than others. It was a measure of their ingratitude that again, the trouble making Baako tribesmen of the south were causing trouble.
Did they not have work? Working 14 hour days in the Uranium Mines? Digging underground for diamond? Did they not have food? They were given a coconut and rice each day? His advisers had warned him that the Baako were trouble. Their spokesman, Beeko Mumfasa was stirring up dissent.
Well, his uncle, the Great and Wondrous Aboiye had been forced to lop off a few heads. It was time to do so again.
So confident was the General President of Victory, that he left his Presidential Palace Grenadier Life Guards in the Capital, M'shombou City.  He went south with some of his beloved Zogo African Rifles.
The Village at the center of the rebellion

Modern Africa- A small campaign (PART1)

Spyros once posed the notion of a game in Modern Africa with our forces.  We'd played Rhodesian Bush war scenarios and fighting in Mali, but he wanted a more involved game. So, after a few sources of inspiration (Force on Force, a few movies like Tears of the Sun and the Wild Geese,  the AK-47 Republic rules as well as countless other stuff!) I came up with a game that was a small campaign using amendments for Modern Bolt Action.

His Royal Highness, Imperial Majesty, The Most Enlightened, Highly Exalted,
Commander -In Chief, Field Marshal General, Commodore Admiral and President of Zogo for Life:
T'mbolo M'shombou