Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Capture the hill line, and the village, and the bridges etc etc

My Armies of the Spanish Succession have been gathering dust; so recently the call went out to anyone who could be bothered to show up. Attendance was underwhelming ( where were you lads?) with Phil and Nick (Thanks boys- I knew you wouldn't let me down) being the only two available. 
A simple scenario was determined whereby roughly equal forces of Dutch on one side, and Louis XIV's boys on the other had to capture a number of key features in a valley with a river running down one side. The two bridges, a village,  a hill line, and the road running south were all key objectives. 
I was the French,  the other two lads were the Dutch.

The Dutch to the right. The French to the left.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not the damned Romans again!

No- not my useless lot who have registered 20 losses and 1 very close draw. These were Ross' Marian Romans who dared to challenge the might of Parthia!
I can talk like that because I know the result!!
Ross configured his army to maximise his cavalry and missile firepower. I did what the Parthians always did. I fielded Cataphracts- armoured men on armoured horses - light cavalry (who created the famous Parthian shot) and a few assorted skirmish types. 
The terrain was broken up by some rough ground and woods and a few hills. Now I would prefer flat open terrain- but you can't have everything.
Ross commanded his own left flank which was made up entirely of Armenian allies- their own Cataphracts and light horse to counter mine! He faced Nick who commanded my right. The Roman centre was the formidable legions, commanded by Chris. Paul led the Roman right. 

My Cataphracts chase Paul's light cavalry.