Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Malburian Mayhem

My young son asked me to play a game of my 'musketeers'. It took me several seconds to realise that he wanted to play with the ever expanding Marlburians. So we emptied the table in the garage of the usual garbage and laid out some nice terrain. Allies (Prussians and British) versus the army of Louis XIV. I was the allies and my boy was the Sun King! The French Cavalry advance!

The Prussian Cavalry awaits Louis' troops

The Table!

Hordes of French Cavalry...'Vive Le Roi!!"

The French Guard advance throught the center towards the allied line.

The allied was a humiliating this wasn't Marlborough. The great man never lost!

British Troops fire at the advancing Frenchmen. Above and below!
The rear center of the allied line. This came under heavy attack by the Guard Francais and supporting brigades who fought their way through the village (just visible on the right) and caught the allies in a poor position to stop them once they were in the open ground. The French cavalry smashed my (allied) right flank and it was all over bar the shouting....and my 10 year old sons' victory song.....'I beat daddy..I beat daddy...nyah nyah nyah.'. Oh well I can still beat him in an arm wrestle!!

The later stages of the game when the allies had been forced back and the French were running amok.
Some brave French infantry..painted by me!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Renaissance Poles and Turks

Here are some photos of a game played ages ago in 25mm, using Armati. Nick's Poles (long since sold) took on my Ottomans. I was winning (in the center and right), but as you can see in the last photos, my left wing collapsed and the Poles swept into my flank! It was race back to Istanbul!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beware The Wrath of the Clans

The Clans mass with the French on their Left

The Highlanders move through the woods to flank the Redcoats

The Hanoverian Line.

The Highlanders sweep the Thin Red Line away.

We had a stoush between my Jacobites (with some French Allies) tand he dreaded Redcoats- Hanoverians ( or British if you prefer!). Although the British managed to hold the initial assault from the screaming clansmen, the addition of French firepower and a flanking manouvre by the Scots cavalry saw the British line crumble!

The Duke of M!!

My current long term project involves the wars of the early 18th Century. Nominally the War of The Spanish Succession and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715. Yep, Marlburian is definitely the flavour of the month with teh release of 'Beneath the Lilly Banners" by Barry Hilton of LOA. I have my own set of rules that we use..but hey, I tend to play any rules that work! My collection started with a couple of British battalions and as now I have 18 French Battalions, Allies: 10 British and 4 Prussian. As for Horse; Allies: I have 4 Prussian Squadrons, 2 British Horse and 4 British Dragoon Squadrons as well as 2 of Imperial Cuirassiers. For the French I have 12 Squadrons of Horse and 2 of Dragoons! I have also completed a small Scots Jacobite army for the Rebellion of the '15.

My First Blog

Inspiration for this Blog came from six or seven other blog websites I visited and enjoyed them immensely. They were informative and inspired me to create my own. Originally I thought it would be a lone effort then I considered the small group I game with regularly. These guys have been my best friends for, in some cases, over 20 I decided to dedicate it to them!!
I've been searching the web lately and have been inspired by several blogs and websites dedicated to wargaming the Marlburian Period. At the moment..and for the last two years it has become an obssession. I made the mistake of buying a packet of Front Rank War of the Spanish Succession British in December 2005 and have been hooked ever since. What was to be just a passing interest has grown into a collection of over 700 figures (90% Front Rank) and still growing.