Monday, July 29, 2013

Bolt Action: US Marines vs The Imperial Japanese Army

Another day, another Bolt Action game! My son Nick, myself and John sat down for a short sharp action that saw a group of US Marines attempt to clear a village and some nearby entrenchments of some determined  Japanese defenders. John and I were the Marines and Nick was the Imperial Japanese Army troops.
Nick focused most of his troops on his right behind the entrenchments- so John and I headed for the other  side of the table - our objective!
This was going to be a tough task for the marines but some initial deployment mistakes by the Japanese made it a little easier. Nick had deployed his heavy machine guns and two light tanks in and around the entrenchments but the long grass, hill and trees cut line of sight to the village and so most of the Marines' advance was unimpeded.

The Terrain- the village in the distance...the Japanese entrenchment in the foreground. The Marines entered from the right.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

American Civil War 28mm

  One afternoon recently, Phil came past with some of his very nicely painted ACW regiments. Back in the heyday of Fire and Fury, ACW was on the cards just about every week- and mighty were the battles that the Brothers fought in. 
I know my collection has sat in its boxes for too many years and Phil's also hasn't seen the light of day for a long while too! So with just the two of us one quiet afternoon we put a small contingent through their paces; 6 Regiments a side and three guns. The object being to secure the hills in the middle of the battle field and drive the enemy off. I was the Union and Phil was the rebellious secessionist ratbags that needed to be.....oops sorry.....showing my true (blue) colours again.

One of Phil's Zouave Regiments marches past the cornfield