Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crusaders vs Mamluks

Unable to take the humiliation of the last defeat for Nick's Ayyubids, the gauntlet was thrown down by my Mamluks ( well my Ottomans pretending to be Mamluks) to avenge the shame of the last blog.

Phil and I were the Mamluks and Ross and Paul were the 'men of God'- and if I hear Ross scream 'God Wills It!!' one more time I'm gonna throw a brick at him.

The Mamluks were almost all cavalry except for a few paltry skirmishers.
The stinky ones were a combination of Heavy Knights and solid infantry core with spear and crossbow- a deadly combination.

Mamluks and Turcopoles
On the Mamluk left I had plenty of room to dance around and gave Paul a hard time in trying to pin me down. On the right Ross managed to squash Phil and I between the table edge and his heavy infantry line-- but we had a substantial reserve that was commanded by Phil- who just at the right moment unleashed his cavalry into Ross' and Paul's infantry line......

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Crusaders vs Ayyubids - 28mm

A 28mm stoush between Ayyubids and Crusaders one evening provided some very cheap laughs at the loser's expense! It would be nice to say it was a tough battle, drawn out and close fought, but that would be lying on all three counts! Nick and I were the Ayyubid forces and Paul and Ross played the mighty Crusaders.
It was a resounding victory for the 'Men of God' as Ross calls them, the heavy Crusader nights tore thru their opponents, it was not pretty!!

The right of the Muslim force- Cavalry!