Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spanish Civil War

Many years ago I bought some Spanish Foreign Legion figures from FAA  ( now produced by someone else but I cannot remember who!) and painted them up. I added a few militia units and then put them in a cupboard for 12 years! Well about 3 years ago we played a game using Flames of War. I wasn’t quite happy with the game and they went back in the box. Phil encouraged me to give them another try as he had some figures too (in fact lots!) and late last year we gave the Spanish Civil War another try using a set of rules called Triumph and Tragedy (T&T). Surprisingly the game went well and Phil decided to expand his collection.  Last week both our piles of metal were put on the table and we used T&T for a game!

The Table- Nationalists to the right (naturally)- Republicans to the left.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another trial of Napoleon at War.

Four of the Brothers assembled amongst the flotsam and jetsam of my games room ( read : garage)  to continue with our trial of the new Napoleon at War (NaW)rules. Now I must confess I have begun to really like these new rules even though a year ago I rebased my large Ottoman army for Lasalles only to find that the Brothers recently switched to NaW . They are fast, bloody, not too complicated and produce an enjoyable game. My main complaint is that they are appallingly written with bits and pieces everywhere that require a bit of cross referencing  and looking back and forth through the rules. But no matter, when the game starts it flows easily and there are some really interesting little nuances in the rules.

The Initial Deployment