Thursday, December 22, 2016

American War of Independence: 53rd Regiment of Foot.

Well it's started. I'm painting landsknechts and Spanish Jinetes but I'm blogging my first AWI Unit: clearly the workings of a severely disturbed mind with multiple addictions. Don't ask why; I just saw them on eBay- bought them, rebased them and have been admiring them for the last couple of months.
The 53rd Regiment was originally raised in 1755 as the 55th Regiment. Changed to the 53rd at the end of the Seven Years War due to reductions in the regimental establishment, it sailed for Canada in 1776. It served in operations for the relief of Quebec and then joined General John Burgoyne's army advancing into New England via the Hudson Valley.

Taking part in the initial capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the 53rd was part of 'Gentleman Johnny' Burgoyne's 1st Brigade along with the 9th and 47th Regiments. The Battalion Companies were left behind to defend the fort and its outlying defences.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jinetes: Great Italian Wars Spanish Army

I bought these guys half painted on eBay- to round out my Spanish army- Now finished, based and ready to go!
Pikes: Check,
Arquebusiers: Check.
Gente d'Armas: check.
Crossbow men: check
Nearly ready to put them on the battlefield- against Ross' French!

Monday, December 12, 2016

American Revolutionary War

   Well, like most wargamers I tend to have more than one project running at a time and found myself making a purchase that had nothing at all to do with anything I was working on at all. I can change my mind while being in the bathroom about a period that I'm a 'fanatic' on and have a new obsession within minutes of picking up a book on a given topic.
    About two years ago I read a book called 'Fusiliers'  by Mark Urban on the 23rd Welch Fusiliers and their time in the Revolutionary War. Well, I had another book on Battles of the Revolutionary War, then picked up a cheap one ($3.95) on the Battle of Guildford Courthouse and it slowly dawned on me that I really liked this period- so I bought a few more books (Black Powder's 'Rebellion' and the British Grenadier rules)......... You know where this is going!!
   Also I've been a regular reader of the Tarleton's Quarter Blog (see down the right hand side). It is by far and away one of the most amazing and informative blogs on all things wargaming and the AWI! (among others!)- I thoroughly recommend it- it's fantastic.
   Wouldn't you know it.....there were some lovely figures for sale on ebay- so having a little spare cash I bought them. Now regular readers would know that I'm also working on a Spanish Army for the Italian Wars, and playing a Modern Africa campaign, and about to start a 3rd Century BC campaign in Roman Italy.....but I couldn't resist!!!! ....yes  I know there were no Landsknechts during the AWI!!!
I'm still painting pikemen and jinetes- but I guess I'll just have to work on two periods at once...ouch.....don't tell the missus!