Zombies in Africa!!

Now many of you 'serious' gamers who play 'proper' games may be horrified at the title...but I gotta confess, the sheer laugh aspect in this game was the motivating factor!
After the game in Mali with the Legion, ( see last post) as we were packing up someone suggested that in future, would anyone like to play a game,  'Walking Dead" style.
I thought 'Why not?'. It was still early afternoon, so we had time. I told the boys to pick any figure from all the ranges I've got.
Dumb order.
With 3 minutes I had a Games Workshop giant, a Polish Winged Hussar, a horned demon, two ogres, a dog and a US special forces figure on the table.
I clarified my instruction....'Any HUMAN figure ON FOOT!'.
Well there were some complaints, a death threat or two and a punch thrown, but 5 minutes later there was a Japanese Samurai (Evan),  a Spartan from '300'(George), a little old lady with a stick (Chris), a 'Clint Eastwood' style character with small repeating crossbow (Connor), a US special forces figure on foot (Spyros' choice never changed), and a strange man in a long grey coat (Nick) with a funny moustache who screamed a lot...please don't ask....you'll see.

Zombies in the shanty town!

In a combination of skirmish, role play, abuse and profanity, I explained to Evan, George, Spyros, Nick, Connor and Chris  the rules, and the nature of the day's events in game terms. A small group of survivors were making their way through the countryside looking for a place to spend the night.
Low on food, water and ammunition they desperately needed to find shelter from the zombies and any other marauding bands....I was going to add that they had once all lived in the relative security of an abandoned prison but this had been attacked and destroyed by a rival gang with a tank.....but that sounded way to familiar...possibly the plot line from a TV series episode?????

The Samurai (Evan) finds keys and petrol in an abandoned vehicle!

The Spartan and the Samurai began searching thru the ruins....causing a loud din which drew the slow walking zombies into their vicinity. But lo and behold Evan found a  flame thrower ( every town has one) still in it's original packaging and crate- so they duly filled it with petrol- (look at the pictures, thee are loads of barrels around!) and began barbecuing zombies!
This of course drew more zombies and there was soon an overwhelming mass on its way. The situation was saved by Nick who decided to play loud music through some sort of portable  music device.....hmm?
He drew the zombies off, after having spent the first two thirds of the game hiding in a bush with his pet dog... The dog got eaten ....but he managed to get enough zombies in one place that Evan and George were able to barbecue a whole lot of them. Now if you watch The Walking Dead you know that it takes at least a head shot to take a walker out...and even if they are on fire they don't drop straight away. So, some dropped, some didn't and as Nick ran thru the town they followed..setting things on fire.....remember the large barrels full of petrol I mentioned?????
Anyway there was a nice big bang as George rolled more barrels into the oncoming tide....lots of billowing black smoke, exploding metal, sizzling zombies....it was a mess.

The 'Clint Eastwood' lone crossbowman ( Connor)

While Evan Nick and George were killing zombies by the millions, Spyros, Connor and Chris were busing trying to find a way into a very large house at the far end of town. The fact that it was full of zombies meant, in their minds, that it might have something of value......so they slowly and laboriously finished off each one, by getting them to come to the window and finishing them off- only to find that the only thing of value in the house was more zombies....dead ones mainly without their heads!

The sun was setting and the gang found a safe spot to hide in...while the piles of burning zombies attracted other groups.......but that's for the next episode...er sorry....next game!

The Little old Lady (Chris)


WTF???????  My son's choice of character.......This guys looks vaguely familiar.


My son Nick's insistence at playing loud 'VolkDeutshe' Music and Polkas through his hand held music device attracted loads of the undead

The '300' Spartan figure (George) prepares a barricade

House clearing, The Little old Lady, Clint Eastwood and a US Special Forces sergeant work together

There's that bloody man again in his grey coat.....my son Nick has a sense of humour. 

Breaking cover to move to the next safe spot- Spyros, Connor and Chris....I never did ask Chris regarding his choice...an old woman with a stick??????


  1. John.
    This would have to be one of the craziest yet fun games I've had in a while.
    My brother George keeps asking, "When are we playing the next one".