Burgundian Ordonnance vs French Ordonannce

Two armies that I have fought, and lost to, fought it out on the table top last week. I dropped in to grab some photos of Richard's Burgundian Ordonnance Army facing off against Ross' French Ordonnance Army in a late 15th Century clash. The battle  had bombards, super heavy knights, Swiss pike men, longbows, light cavalry and lots more besides. It was a very close game with Ross and Ralph going down to Richard and Nick.

The pictures came out very nicely- for more info see 'Tarty's Tin' blog down the right hand side.

The Knights Clash

The Burgundian General moves with the dismounted men at arms.

The Pike Blocks move to contact.

The battlelines

The Burgundian Light Horse Crossbowmen

The Flower of French Chivalry and Knighthood

The French Gens d'Arms

The Burgundian Light Horse- causing trouble on the French Flank.

Clashes on the French left

Crunch time- Burgundian Knights vs French Knights and Francs Archers - The Burgundians won.

Ross' French Knights

Close up

The Francs Archers...they didn't perform well

Close ups!

The Flower of Burgundian Knighthood

Heavy Metal!

Aerial View of the Pike Block clash

The Dismounted Men at Arms

Front View

The Table

The Burgundian Knights hit the Francs Archers- guess who got smashed......not the guys in armour I can tell you.

The Burgundian Bombard fires!


....in support of the Burgundian Pikes and Archers

Close up of the Burgundian Ordonnance Pikes and Archers 

The Swiss advance over the low hill

The Burgundians

The French Crossbows vs Burgundian Heavy Metal

The French!

Pike Blocks about to clash

French Gens d"Arms move up

Swiss Pikes

Pikes about to contact

View from the edge of the Burgundian line

The French Commander....could this be his Majesty Louis XI?

Or maybe Charles VIII???

Bang- the Pike blocks hit...the push of pike began..a bloody rough scrimmage.....despite taking fearful casualties the Burgundians held on by the skin of their tights

Aerial View

...not much left of the Swiss pike block

The Swiss!....I took this photo from the pile of 'dead' at the edge of the table.


  1. Great post John - wonderful collection of sensational figures!

    1. Thanks Carlo. Yes Richard and Ross have two very nice armies!

  2. Wonderful figures, love these fantastic Swiss!

    1. Thanks Phil. Ross' Swiss look spectacular with more on the way.

  3. Beautiful absolutely wonderful figures, well done.

    1. Thanks Robbie. They are lovely figures!

  4. Fantastic look game and figures...champion stuff