The Duke of M!!

My current long term project involves the wars of the early 18th Century. Nominally the War of The Spanish Succession and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715. Yep, Marlburian is definitely the flavour of the month with teh release of 'Beneath the Lilly Banners" by Barry Hilton of LOA. I have my own set of rules that we use..but hey, I tend to play any rules that work! My collection started with a couple of British battalions and as now I have 18 French Battalions, Allies: 10 British and 4 Prussian. As for Horse; Allies: I have 4 Prussian Squadrons, 2 British Horse and 4 British Dragoon Squadrons as well as 2 of Imperial Cuirassiers. For the French I have 12 Squadrons of Horse and 2 of Dragoons! I have also completed a small Scots Jacobite army for the Rebellion of the '15.

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