Beware The Wrath of the Clans

The Clans mass with the French on their Left

The Highlanders move through the woods to flank the Redcoats

The Hanoverian Line.

The Highlanders sweep the Thin Red Line away.

We had a stoush between my Jacobites (with some French Allies) tand he dreaded Redcoats- Hanoverians ( or British if you prefer!). Although the British managed to hold the initial assault from the screaming clansmen, the addition of French firepower and a flanking manouvre by the Scots cavalry saw the British line crumble!


  1. John,
    Looks like you are having fun in the games you have been playing. Great figures love to see more.


  2. G'day Vinnie,
    Love YOUR was one of my inspirations!..More photos on the way!