Richard's Late Imperial Romans

One of the Brothers, Richard, has begun assembling a Late Imperial Roman Army for Impetus- much to the dismay of the Armatans (see previous blog- Battle of Asculum March 2012!). Anyway, he has photographed a couple of the units and I put them on the blog for the rest of the Brothers to admire! The figures are Armorum and Aquila Minaitures. Check the link under "Essential Supplies". Enjoy! Richard probably spends more time painting a single figure than anyone else that I know....and the results are always impressive! - he has a real gift for blending shades and a real feel for the paints and colours that he used. Nice one mate!


  1. Thanks Mate! Richard does a great job. Thanks for looking in on the blog.

  2. Great Figures! Very Nice.

  3. Oh, those are so beautiful. The gold/bronze over brown is perfect!

  4. lovely work Rich!

    looking forward to seeing them on the table!