First World War Trench Action

This game was played in late 2011 and used Phil's and my figures. Mine are the original Wargames Foundry range and Phil's are Renegade Miniatures which are a little bigger and chunkier  but are very  nice  (and well painted).

The game was played on an 8'x 5' table.- lengthways. The scene was 1918 and the German Storm Troopers had to cross a thinly held line of trenches and establish themselves in the town beyond. The trench system was held by British troops who were waiting on reinforcments from the Australian Division to the rear. .......

Plane Reconnaissance over the village

View down the table- the edge of the village in the background.

The Trench Line 

We used the 'Over the Top' and 'Great War' rules from Games Workshop and the game turned into one of the best we'd played all year. Despite a dogged defence the British line was broken and the German assault troops commanded by Ralph established themselves resolutely on the edge of the village- from which the Australians failed to dislodge them. Game set and match to the Hun!

More Reconnaissance

Wings over the battlefield

The Advancing Hun

Over broken ground

British Command- with a prisoner

The Storm Troopers Advance

Shell holes!

British MG and Field Gun

The Germans clear the trenches and move on - not a clear photo!

The Germans begin their advance.

Australian troops move forward in support

Bring up the Vickers!

It was so much fun that we're planning something bigger and better! 'Over the Top'  and 'Great War' are a fun set of rules and work really well.  My figures have been tucked away in their boxes for years and it was good to get them out on the table. In conjunction with Phil's collection we've got well over 300 figures with a tank aside, machine guns, field guns and some trucks too.


  1. Your photos are really great. This is a period we play in our club, and it's cool to see you play it! Very good work!

  2. Thank you Phil! It is a fascinating period and all the Band of Wargame Brothers enjoyed the game! Thanks for your comments!

  3. Most excellent game as I recall.
    After we have thrown Argyll out of Scotland we should consider the Jacobite V williamite stouch further South? Would your figures cover a visit to Hibernia?

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  5. Wargames Illustrated, Jan 2013, had a great article on Prussians pushing the French Right flank at Waterloo. All action taking palce on this flank with some Dutch troops involved as well?

  6. Balthazar, there is always scope for the rebellion spreading to Hibernia...and as for spreading this stage it could be a definite possibility!!