Double Bolt Action Game

The boys came over for the end of the month game in March- and i had nearly a full house; Phil, Roger, Ralph, Richard, Spyros, Paul, Nick, Ross and Chris were all gathered in my new gaming room (read garage). So I put on two Bolt Action games. The first a 1941 Crete scenario with German Fallschirmjager attempting to secure an airstrip, and the second a Pacific war confrontation with the Japanese and Australians squaring off. 

The Crete scenario. The airfield in the middle with obstacled scattered across it t stop the Luftwaffe from landing.

The Pacific table....loads of long grass, schrubs, hill and a small village.

CRETE '41.

In the Crete scenario the Germans established themselves quickly at one end of he runway but despite their best efforts, they could not secure it with the troops on hand. A long range firefight developed with a British MMG and the Matilda tank as a couple of paratrooper squads tried to work their way around one edge of the runway- only to run into well entrenched Brits with another damned MG!! No iron crosses this time! The German losses were heavy and the attack was stalled......until next time.
The Fallschirmjager section advances past a deployed MG34.

More Fallshrimjager-

The Allied defence: A Mathilda tank, a deployed Vickers, and a rifle squad.

Race to the sandbags.

Germans hiding in the cornfield. It didn't stop the .303s.

An encounter between Australian and Japanese troops in the Pacific was a nice way of putting my Japanese and Spyros' Aussies on the table again.....and I get the impression that the Japanese don't have much luck against his vaunted Aussies- they lost their tanks...their heavy weapons....and most ended up as casualties...again. A rather disturbing similarity to the last two games when these two forces met. Spyros even had the benefit of a Stuart tank with flame thrower.......roasted tankette...not what the Emperor ordered!

The Aussies with a flame thrower Stuart leading the way- top left hand corner.

Japanese infantry take up position on the edge of the long grass and scrub.

Aussies advance- the slouch hat gives them away.

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The first Japanese tank is hit.

There goes number two!!!!!! Sh*t.

The Aussies take the Japanese position- wiping the defenders out.


  1. Very enjoyable games John. Glad to see the pics. We should do it again.