Aetherworks Tokens.

Over the last few years I've bought quite a few accessorries from Aetherworks here in Sydney. In fact every Marlburian / Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV figure I have is on an Aetherworks base!! Earlier this year I asked the boys (Paul and Andrew) if they could create some markers for my Vive le Roi rules. I needed ones that went from 1 to 12. They did them for me in two I ordered 10 sets of each colour- the Red for Marlborough's army and Green for the mighty forces of Louis XIV.
They were just what I needed to keep track of the casualty ratings for my figures!
I've also used them in my ACW games, Bolt Action and Force on Force too! They're very handy!
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For Use as Pin Markers in my Bolt Action Games

For casualty markers in my ancients game.

More Bolt Action

 Pinned marker for the Germans in Bolt Acti

 In our refight of the Battle of Glenshiel (June 10th 1719)

 Glenshiel again!

 A game of American Civil War using the Rank and File rules. The Aetherwork tokens also show the casualties- in the case of Rank and File, when 3 casualties are taken, a stand is removed.

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