ZOGO- Modern Africa. The Crisis deepens. (Part 5)


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The ongoing violence in the south of the country has begun to destabilise the existing social structure and harmony of the region. Despite recent victories, the President of the troubled African nation has been unable to subdue rebel groups that have begun to break away from Meeko Momfasa’s Patangan Liberation Front (PLF).  In fact, several groups have now claimed that they are the legitimate Liberation movement after the death of Beeko Momfasa. In addition to this, Mshombou’s violent retribution against some of his own people is leading to a greater cycle of violence in the more remote section of the country in the south. The absence of his Zogo Africa Rifles and the consolidation of his Presidential Guard on campaign with the President, has meant that resource rich sections of the country have been without authority and civil order. Brutal violence is increasing.

Of concern to the West is the recent arrival of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) advisers from China. Besides these ‘advisers’, large amounts of military hardware are landing in the country and being deployed with the President’s dreaded Presidential Guard.

Recent reports from the diamond and uranium rich region of southern Patanga indicate that European mining specialists and their families are being rounded up by ruthless gun toting rebels in the town of Kelwazi. The lives of nearly 1500 French, US, British and Belgian nationals are now at stake.

US RANGERS in training ( From No Duff Gamer Blog) The expertise and combat experience that the Rangers have from service in Afghanistan and Iraq will be of enormous value in fighting the PLF insurgents. Commentators consider that the experienced forces of the Rapid Reaction Force will deal quickly and effectively with their opponents

A source has confirmed that NATO’s rapid reaction force will be deployed to Kelwazi to protect the lives of the hostages.

A spokesman for the Zogo government stated; “This is western colonial imperialism again. These Europeans have no right to enter our country. It is merely the greedy Wall Street capitalist wanting our uranium and our diamonds. They care nothing for the lives of these people who are living peacefully with their African brothers and sisters!”

On news that NATO is preparing to commit US Rangers and Foreign Legion Paratroops to the Kelwazi region, to guarantee the lives of the Europeans there, the President himself made an appearance on national television to assure his people.

‘Whoever shows hostility to the peace-loving people of Zogo will be destroyed. We will not allow Europeans colonialists to take one step on the soil of our beloved country! I promise you this!!”

The famous French Foreign Legion in Action on Mali. The Professionalism of the Legion left a deep impression on the foreign observers and media.

A combined force of US Rangers and Foreign Legion Paratroopers will be parachuted into the Kelwazi region to secure the mining facilities on the edge of the airfield to ensure the safety of the European hostages.

Legion Sniper teams accumulated an impressive strike rate in Mali- Will they achieve the same in ZOGO?

Rumours abound of the possibility of French Legion Paratroops receiving the same armoured support in Zogo as was used in Mali,

US Rangers, hard hitting troops will work well with the Legionnaires

The US Rangers have had extensive combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.
They will be formidable opponents for any PLF in Patanga province.

Equipped with the latest night fighting equipment, speculation is rife that the NATO Rapid Reaction Force Rangers and Legionnaires could be inserted into Kelwazi at night.



  1. Great photos but I think it's a mistake not to send in the SAS!

    1. Thank you...and if it doesn't go well for the Rangers and Legionnaires we might have to send the SAS in to help them out!

  2. All I can say is,"Watch this space."

    1. This could get out of hand real fast Spyros!

  3. Am looking forward to seeing how this scenario plays out .

    1. I'll put my money on the Rapid Reaction Force- but you never know! ...and the political fall out could have serious consequences!