AWI- Patriot Militia

With a couple of British Regiments sitting on my shelf, painted and ready to go, I decided to start on the Rebels....or Patriots, depending on your point of view. So many of the battles of the AWI involved militia units, basically wearing their civilian clothes. Congress also authorised the distribution of linen hunting shirts when 'proper' uniforms weren't available.

 So I set about painting, collecting, borrowing, begging, buying etc a number of militia units that can be used in any scenario by just changing the flag (If they had one!). I've decided to go with the Southern Campaign and build forces for Camden, Cowpens and Guildford I need a quite a few units to represent North and South Carolina and Virginia Militia! Now I'd like to claim the credit for these- but I won't, they were all bought ( I know the Wargaming Gods will strike me down !!)

Some of the Continental Regiments were not always dressed in their blue/red, or brown/red coats and in fact they could look as scruffy as some of the militia units.