Bolt Action- Germans vs British

Place- somewhere in Western Europe, autumn 1944.
The vanguard of two opposing forces move into an abandoned French village-
Chris popped in one evening asking me to walk him thru the Bolt Action rules- he had a tidy little force of 4 infantry squads with medic and HQ, three half tracks ( including a Stummel), a sniper team, two MMGs, a mortar, a Sturmgeschutz and a bloody great Tiger tank.
The good guys had two Fireflies, a half track, a Humber armoured car, a truck, two MMGs, two mortars and 4 rifle squads plus HQ.

The dreaded Tiger movers up- first turn!!

Chris drew the first dice out- a grey one- the Wehrmacht went first- and he moved the Tiger around the corner of the main village street- and fired at one of my Shermans- which wasn't on 'Ambush'. First move- Tiger moves, First shot- Tiger destroys my first Sherman.
So I figured, I'll fix him, my second Sherman moved straight out of cover, fired at point blank range ........and missed.
Anyway, my infantry did better and inflicted some casualties in the first turn, while taking some in return.
In turn two- he got the jump on me with the Tiger, which, you guessed it, blew a hole in my second Sherman- but only enough to immobilise it. In the return fire- I hit it but only scratched the paint work. Well , after it finished off my Sherman , it took our an MMG crew, a half track and an infantry squad- it wasn't my day, as one squad was obliterated by Chris' two MMGs and another got blasted by the Stummel's howitzer.
In consolation I did manage to take out a couple of his rifle squads- but not enough!!
A German victory for Chris!

German Wehrmacht break cover and advance

Infantry and armour supporting each other

The Tiger takes out the first Firefly

Tiger rumbling down a French lane

My half track fires into the ruined church- just as that bloody Tiger turned up.

Brit MMG against a much BIGGER opponent

German infantry take cover in a house near the second burning Sherman.

One of my rifle squads move into the open- and Chris moved his Stummel halftrack into direct line of sight with its howitzer- what was left of my squad after two rounds of HE- was not much!!

The British HQ watching the German armour advance

The town

The Sturmgeschutz rolls over the stone wall to advance on the British Mortar teams- the supporting infantry had been zeroed in by the forward observers and were getting blasted.

The German motorised infantry advance towards the burning Sherman- the village has been cleared and the British are on the run.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Spyros- Chris wanted a tutorial in Bolt Action!

  2. Great looking game John. Bloody Tigers!!

    1. Thanks Carlo- yes, they are a real nuisance ( unless they're on my side!!)

  3. Good game mate.
    Those Tigers take some taming!

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  5. Looked a good game , nice figures and equipment and the usual diamond 5 star layout
    Lucky in real life the Germans couldn't build Tigers at the same rate as Shermans were .

    1. Thanks!! That said wargame figure manufacturers can build Tigers at the same rate!!

  6. Wow, awesome pictures, we are in the heart of the action, I especialy like the duel Tiger-Firefly...Great report!

    1. Merci Phil!, Thanks for your continued support!

  7. I like your pics . I always like the board level ones ... makes you feel the atmosphere of the game...

    1. Thank you- yeah, they are my favourite ones too!