More terrain!

I had a few nights when the heat was so bad I couldn't sleep, so out came the paints and more teddy bear fur at 2am- just ridiculous.  I know, it's nuts but I've become a bit obsessive with regards to new look ideas for terrain.
After I finished, I got some sleep and then later in the day, set up some figures from my AWI collection. I pulled out my forces for Cowpens and placed them on the mat. I kinda like the effect.  It's a game I'm going to have to play!!

The US Continentals- Morgan's anvil- made up of Marylanders and Delaware veterans, they were the equal of anything the British had.

Virginia Riflemen- Morgan's first line.

British deployment,.

OVERVIEW of the table- it looks pretty good!

First line of Militia

The British Left.

US Militia cavalry

The Patriot rear line- US Dragoons and Georgia militia

Below is the original mat with the layout and the final colourations of the fur. I laid out my Anglo-Danes and Normans.



  1. The fur looks very effective. All the colour variation adds greatly to the look.

  2. Thanks Peter, I like the final product.

  3. Mate! Looks excellent !!
    Are you going to share the tanning process that you went through with the bears you got from the bush across the way ? Incidentally they aren't really called 'Teddies' nor are they a true Bear. Thay are called Koalas !! May I suggest that you use cats in the future as they would be a lot cheaper but be careful the neighbours dont catch you !!!


    1. You're a funny man Balthazar! I've got to experiment with the tanning process! I might take your suggestion re the fur too!