New Rules

Well, here we go again! Another set of Horse and Musket rules that can be added to the growing collection on my shelf: Lasalles. A few weeks ago, Ralph and Richard ran through the streets shouting "Eureka!" clutching these rules and claimed to have discovered our groups 'holy grail'- a set of Horse amd Musket rules that we all like playing ( a tall order I must tell you!). Well I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first and at one of our usual Friday evening gatherings, this time at Nick's place I was given the command of some French Infantry and a small cavalry brigade. Well after three hours of play and a close fought game I was hooked!!! The rules have some unusual mechanisms and the game is not really an 'I go - you go" style of game. It is a lot more subtle. It plays well and can accommodate quite a few players. Now I just have to make some ammendments for my Marlburians!!!....but it seems most of the Band of Wargame Brothers are keen to start Armies...except Nick who already has so many that the foundations of his house are begining to sag...but he's damned happy that he has a set of rules that we all agree on!!!

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