Here come the Zulus!!

The 2nd Company on the bridge. Here they come- Phil's 4th Coy held off 6 waves of attackers.
The wagons moving south with supplies.

We've got this lot on the run, Sah! Well done lads!

More Zulus advance!! The 2nd Coy defends the river crossing.

3rd Coy report: CONTACT!!!

The Zulu Impi- the left horn!

A change of pace was decided upon -rather than our usual ancients Armati and horse and musket fare- Nick M was proud to unveil his large Zulu war collection- by that we mean about 80 redcoats and about 300 Zulus!! The scenario was simple. The column of wagons defended by one company had to resupply the outpost (held by another)and the other two companies were to guard the bridges leading to the outpost! The Redcoats performed valiantly but went under in a massive rush of shields, feathers and assegais! The redcoat players- Ross, Phil and Lochlainn put up a valiant fight and despite Phil's valiant efforts in halting six waves of Richard's attacking Zulus it was a clear victory for the armies of Cetshwayo!

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