Rorke's Drift in 28mm

To add to Nick's growing collection of Zulu War figures and terrain, he purchased the Redoubt Enterprises Rorke's Drift set with Hospital, Storehouse and barricades from Ray at Essex Miniatures here in Sydney. Ralph painted the buildings and barricades and over the last week or so I made terrain for it all to sit on!

The Table laid out with no detail.

Marking out positions

The Rock Ledge

The ledge at the rear of the mission station- where the cookhouse and stove stood- below.

Painting and Flocking the base

The road into the mission station is placed

More Flocking

Get the flock out of here!

The road ramp- painted

Flocking and dry brushing

Nearly done!

Adding the buildings

All done!!

The rough stone Kraal to the north east

Front view

Rear view with cook house and stove

The Redoubt and Storehouse

Side View

Hospital in foreground

View of the mission station from the West

'View' from the Oskarberg


  1. It is so beautiful! Seems a pity to cover it with Blood. Can hardly wait to here the rumble of the Impis as they stomp the veldt! Will you be simulating the Natives with Muskets on the heights above? How will you do this?


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  3. It should be a good game and there will be scope for the Zulus ro deploy their 'snipers' to the south west on the Oskarberg- it was only 200 yards away from the mission- and they will be able to fire on the redcoats. Looking forward to the game!

  4. Hi to all my fellow Wargamming Brothers.Thanks John for putting on such a great epic game on Friday night. The terrain ,buildings and figures look great.Some great photo were taken here.I enjoyed being Zulu, specially killing some redcoats.
    I always have a great time with all you guys when we get together. I must pass on a special thanks to John for the great games he puts on at his place every fortnight (well done mate).
    I look forward to seeing you all at our next battle.


  5. Thanks Roger! It's always worth the effort! We have a lot of fun!

  6. Hi, was searching the web for models of the Drift and your blog came up - great set up. Simple and effective!

  7. The Kraal is far too big otherwise everything else is on the nail

    Rorkes Drift researcher SA Shiloh Noone

  8. Sorry I am talking about the Kraal adjoining the sandbags not the rough one in the North East

    1. Thank you for your input! For the next rematch i'll drop the size. Should it be about half?