Battle of Braemar :The forces prepare in the Jacobite Campaign of the '15.

The forces have assembled and some interesting developments have taken place in our campaign as the second major engagement  is about to take place (next Friday in fact). Clan Campbell has joined the Hanoverians and the forces of the Duke of Argyll have been bolstered by a clan regiment. The Old Pretender has brought two veteran regiments of foot (loaned from Louis XIV) with him to further his cause and has managed to reconstitute a number of his mangled clan regiments from the last battle.The Royal Navy reports that a French naval squadron has evaded their blockade of the coast and is headed to Scotland with troop reinforcements for the Rebellion. They won't be in time for this battle, but will be available for the next one. The Hanoverians are raising more Regiments and have called on their old allies the Dutch to commit a brigade to help quell those pesky Highlanders!  Argyll is under pressure from the Captain General and Master General of Ordinance- The Duke of Marlborough ( yes THAT Marlborough) to smash the rebels before the situation gets out of hand. ...........

The 'Old Pretender' confers with an officer.
CinC:  ‘The Old Pretender” James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (LR 0)
Senior Commander:  John Eskine 6th Earl of Mar  (LR 1)
Senior Commander:  Brig. William Mackintosh- Laird of Borlum  (LR 2)

Marr’s 1st  Column- Commanded by Viscount Strathallan            (LR 1)
A- Highland unit- Clans Drummond/Struan                                                               SOLDIER
E - Highland Unit – Clan Seaforth                                                                               WARRIOR

H -One Lowland Unit- Drilled as regular infantry. (Tullibardine)                              RAW
Marr’s 2nd  Column--- John Cameron XVIII Capt and Chief of Clan Cameron (LR 1)
F- Highland Unit- Clans Macdonald                                                                            WARRIOR
M-Highland Unit- Clans Macdonald                                                                           WARRIOR
D Highland Unit – Clan Stewart                                                                                  WARRIOR

Marr’s  3rd Column -
John St Clair, Master of Sinclair (LR 1)
A- Highland Horse- Earl of Angus Horse                                                                    WARRIOR
B- - Highland Horse- Earl of Marr’s Horse                                                                 LEVY

C—Highland Horse-  Glengarry Horse                                                                       WARRIOR
Marr’s 4th Column       Rob Roy MacGregor (LR2)
I - Highland Unit- Clan MacGregor                                                                            SOLDIER
 J - Highland Unit- Clan Mcleod                                                                                   LEVY
B - Highland Unit- Clan Macdonald of Clanranald                                                  WARRIOR

L - Highland Unit—Clan Huntly                                                                                  LEVY
 Brigade of Foot ( Foreign)              Brig Gen O’Brien LR 2
Regt Royal Italien                   1 Battalions                                                     (Italian/Veteran)
Regt Bulkeley                          1 Battalions                                                    (Irish/Veteran)

1 Battery of Light Guns                                                                                               DRILLED

1 Battery of Heavy Guns

Viscount Strathallan, one of the Jacobite Brigade commanders

The Jacobite Horse

Regt Bulkeley- Irish Veterans

Jacobite Gun and Crew

The foundation of the Jacobite army- the Highlanders!

The French Guns brought by the Old Pretender- above and below

TOTAL:  3 Regular Foot, 3 Irregular Horse,  9 Clan Regiments, 1 lightand 1 heavy  battery,  8 Officers.

The Hanoverians:
CinC John Campbell, Duke of Argyle (LR 1)
1st  Brigade of Dragoons- John Dalrymple Earl of Stair (LR 0)
Portmore’s Regiment of Dragoons  (RSG-2nd )– 2 squadrons  Drilled
Stairs regiment of Dragoons(6th) – 1 Squadron                       Drilled

1st Brigade of Foot- Commanded by Major General William Wightman (LR2)
Forfar’s Regiment of Foote (3rd)                                    Drilled
Wightman’s Regiment of Foote (17th)                            Raw
Shannon’s Regiment of Foote ( 25th)                             Drilled

2nd  Brigade of Foote – Lieutenant General Thomas Whetham (LR1)
Morrison’s Regiment of Foote (8th – Queen’s Regt)       Veteran
Montague’s Regiment of Foote ( 11th)                             Drilled
Orrey’s Regiment of Foote (21st- Scots Fusiliers)           Drilled

3rd  Brigade of Foote – Brig. General John Wills (LR 1)
Clayton’s Regiment of Foote (14
th)        Drilled
Preston's Regiment of Foote (26th)             Raw

1 Clan  Regiment- Clan Campbell        Warrior

2 Batteries Medium Guns
1 Battery Coehorn Mortars
3 Dragoon Squadrons, 8 Regt. of Foot, 2 Medium gun batteries, I mortar battery, 1 Clan Regt.

The 8th (Queen's Regiment)- The Duke of Argyll's Veterans

The 14th Regt, Drilled Regulars

The 14th Again.

The Coehorn Mortar

Take aim!

Hanoverian Medium gun.

From a past game- Here they come!


  1. Hi ...what does the LR 1 mean?

  2. It's just a designation from the rules we use- it's the Leadership Rating for each commmander- an abysmal or really poor commander has a 0 or 1. 2 is good, 3 is outstanding and 4 is reserved for a Marlborough or a Eugene. As you can see the Old Pretender has a '0'...he was singularly uninspiring to the men who launched the rebellion in his name!

  3. Are the troop levels from WRG Horse and Musket

  4. Well yes and no...we used to play a lot of WRG but for this period we're just playing a home grown set- which uses similar ratings as WRG.