Battle of Asculum 279BC: The Impetii in Goulburn

The Brothers were dedicated disciples of Armati  for our Ancient games for nearly 15 years and then a heresy reared its ugly head in the last year or so with the arrival of Impetus. Two Brothers became immediate converts but despite their crusading with  missionary zeal they were unable to win over the other Brothers who refused to apostasize. This has led to some interesting times and discussion over the last 12 months and suffice to say that the Brothers, when it comes to ancient rules, are divided into two fervent groups- The Armatans and the Impetii. .........
In an attempt to spread the heresy, Richard and Ralph (aka The Impetii) travelled to  Goulburn a week or so ago and played with a couple of the lads down there: David and Richard.
They fought the battle of Asculum 279 BC using Impetus - Republican Romans under the command of Consul Publius Decius Mus and the combined Tarantine, Oscan, Samnite. Epirote forces, under the command of the Greek king Pyrrhus of Epirus.........

 All the Roman commanders and Pyhrrus himself were killed in this one......and a Roman victory in the end.

 Richard (from the Brothers) made mention of the fact that the venue was
"superb!  air con, bar, bistro, Matt who is in charge has the use of one the top rooms.....people even come afterwards to clean up when were finished :) put the tables away etc....amazing."

.....sounds like a North Shore kindergarten!
The Table

Ralph's Romans with their camp in the background

The Army of Pyrrhus

The Phalanx

Roman Legionaries attack the Epirote Phalangites

Clash along the line

On the Flank

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  1. Great Photos. I play Fields of Glory- and haven't really been impressed wih Impetus...and have never played Armati- but the game looks great- Go Pyrrhus!

  2. Great looking armies and a classic matchup. There is something about a MRR army dressed in white with white shields!

  3. Fun day was had by all, thanks for posting Johnny.

  4. It does look good..the photos are nice...'The Icon' would be proud!

  5. A great table, photos and figs are really wonderful!
    I've got a Pyrrhus army, but really less beautiful!

  6. Thanks Phil,
    Richard and Ralph's armies are always beautifully painted!

  7. The Pyrrhic army looks a bit overly heavy in the pike arm for Asculum - probably should have had more Oscan infantry but otherwise it looked like a good refight.
    Steve C.