Hill 60- Outskirts of the Ypres Salient 1917

The Crater at Hill 60

As part of the opening moves of the Third Battle of Ypres in 1917 miners detonated a massive explosion under the German position on Hill 60 ( as depicted in the recent movie). Now this hole has to be seen to be believed!
The Crater

One of the German Bunkers that litter the landscape in the area

The Crater from the top.

Standing about halway down

The photo that gives the best sense of scale- you can see the scale against the person standing at the top of the crater in the center of the picture


  1. Hi John, Your post reminds us of the magnitude of the combat on the Western Front and the scale of the resources expended. It is deeply thought provoking. I am currently researching a family connection with the battle around La Boisselle on the Somme. The "La Boisselle Study Group" have opened up some of the mine workings under this part of the front where numerous mines were detonated including the huge Lochnagar crater. The Study Group website is well worth a look if you are interested in the tunnelling & mining operations. Yours aye, Rusty

  2. There is nothing like walking off an old battlefield.

    In the meantime, I need to see the movie.

  3. Thanks guys. Rusty, I will check the Study Group's website.