Bolt Action- Canadians vs German Fallshirmjager

 Spyros, our boys: Evan, Nick, Michael and I got together one afternoon to try out the new World War II rules 'Bolt Action' from Warlord Games. These are a great set of rules; very easy to play, quick to learn and for first time gamer Michael he was able to get his head around them by the third turn. A nice simple scenario based on the fighting in June/July 1944, the Canadians were given the task of storming a village held by German Paratroopers supported by some fanatic SS units. 
the German paras move behind a ruined house

This was a very small game, in effect a trial run and the Canadians had a couple of Churchills (one with petard) to help crack the German defense,a Humber armoured car,  two MGs, two mortars and 4 infantry squads. The German defenders had two Pak 40s crewed by SS, a couple of MGs and 4 squads of Fallshirmjager. With hindsight it is obvious that the Canadians didn't have the 3-1 superiority needed for an attacker....but what the hell, it didn't daunt Spyros or I as the Canadians- we got stuck in...and paid the price for our overconfidence.

The Canadian armour rumbles into action.

The three boys played the defenders and they gave us a bloody nose. Spyros and I probably placed too heavy a reliance on the Churchills..and we exposed them too early- the PAK 40s made us pay. Although the infantry were in support we should have had them in advance to locate the hidden anti tank guns....but that would have exposed them to the infantry's fire.

As it was our armour was taken out, our infantry got pinned and was taking heavy casualties...and our pride was humbled as the three young'ens let us have it....oh well time!

The Center of the German position

The Table- Germans this end- Canadians at the far end.

MG team take cover behind the Churchill

Canadians move up to a stone wall.

Paratroop officer- Kurt Steiner?


SS anti tank gun- these guys accounted for the Canadian Armour and brought the Allied advance to halt.

Fallshirmjager that a familair figure in the middle?

Canadian command group move past the Churchill that's taken a hit.

The Armour in.


  1. What did you think of it mate ? Do think Bolt Action has any legs ?'s certainly getting a following so it must be OK.

    1. Tarty, it's great little game- I've got enough stuff to play some games...and I need to get myself organised to put on a decent sized game.

  2. Some great looking figures and terrian there John and it has been some time since I have seen those 1st Corps figures painted so nicely.

    1. Hi Vinnie, yes Leroy's First Corps figures have stood the test of time!

  3. I wonder if we had a couple of Sherman on our side, what would have happend. Fantastic game. Can't wait for the next one. I strongly recomend the Bolt Action rules. I'm hooked on them Spyros.

    1. Shermans?..THAT could have made a difference...and some air support!

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