American Civil War 28mm

  One afternoon recently, Phil came past with some of his very nicely painted ACW regiments. Back in the heyday of Fire and Fury, ACW was on the cards just about every week- and mighty were the battles that the Brothers fought in. 
I know my collection has sat in its boxes for too many years and Phil's also hasn't seen the light of day for a long while too! So with just the two of us one quiet afternoon we put a small contingent through their paces; 6 Regiments a side and three guns. The object being to secure the hills in the middle of the battle field and drive the enemy off. I was the Union and Phil was the rebellious secessionist ratbags that needed to be.....oops sorry.....showing my true (blue) colours again.

One of Phil's Zouave Regiments marches past the cornfield


Phil had 2 Brigades of three regiments each , whereas I had 3 Brigades of 2 Regiments each. Our forces were spread evenly across the table as were the artillery batteries. We used the Rank and File rules with the ACW amendment book. These rules give a good quick game with easy to follow mechanisms so that, as this was only my second game using Rank and  File I was able to pick them up very quickly.
The Table before deployment

A quiet country lane in Virginia
Now, Phils' Rebs didn't bother to wait for me to get off my start line and three regiments with gun support came hurtling towards my center right. They swept away my first regiment that was on the open hill and as the Rebs came over the ridge they were met by concerted musketry from two of my regiments and two of my batteries.....and they paid the price for their impetuousness!

Phil's outstanding Cornfield! There are 96 (yes NINETY SIX) separate plants in this one. I told him that I wanted one to do the Cornfield from Antietam...his response is not repeatable.

One of Phil's Zouave Regiments marches past the cornfield

His  support regiment was not intimdated by the loss and chased one of mine off the field but they too were stopped dead by my Zouaves standing behind a fence lining the road.

Deployed and waiting for the Rebs!

The left wing of the Union deployment. Rebs in the distance.
On  my left some fierce firefights developed as the attack on my left developed and at first I thought my Blue coated heroes were going to be overwhelmed.....but it was not to be....the DICE GODS decreed otherwise and despite having 'a target rich enviroment' very few hits were scored by the Rebs. My return fire was luckier and  Phil's regiment holding the end of the ploughed field payed a heavy price.

In the end it was a victory to the Union by the narrowest of margins and the butternut troops, bowed but not beaten, retreated to fight another day!

The Center.

View of the distant Rebel line.

Reb line at the picket fence.

Extreme left of the Confederate line.

The clash in the center. the Rebs swarmed over the low hill- and swept the first Union regiment away.

Fighting along the line .

Confederates stopped dead by the Zouaves behind a snake fence.

Last full strength Reb regiment standing- on the extreme right of Phil's line.

Endgame on the Union Left.....a big hole on the Confederate line...but not too many Union troops to exploit it!


  1. Very nice looking terrain and minis!

    1. Thanks Phil,
      it's nice to have another ACW game again!

  2. Good stuff as usual Johnny.....that corn field is great, I remember Phil telling me he was doing it the last time I saw him.....looks awesome.

    1. Thanks Tarty,
      it's been too long since our last ACW game!

  3. Seriously cool Blog mate, link added

  4. Thanks Al! Welcome aboard. I was impressed with your Blog too!Especially your last one on your trenches.