Bolt Action (Triple)

A touch of megalomania led me to think that I could run three...yes three....Bolt Action games simultaneously. Some of the boys came over and had seen the game played but never actually had a go. So I set up three tables- the first was with a small village with forest around it- the objective  for the approaching British and German forces was to capture the village. Both sides had 3 squads, one mortar, one MG and a tank.
The second was a sprawling French town with a small river and at one end with the approaches to the bridges being protected by British paras- the SS had to retake the bridges.(shades of Arnhem). Three para squads, a 6pdr two MGs and two PIATs took on double their number and four armoured vehicles.
The final table had an entrenched Japanese position being stormed by US Marines- similar to a previous game. Three Japanese squads with an MG's were against 5 Marines squads, two MGs, a flamethrower and a mortar.

Game Two- Paul and Chris advance their SS into the town.

 Rather than give a blow by blow description....I was racing around like a chicken without a head adjudicating- I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Suffice to say that the Germans won in game one- they took the village.
In game two the SS cleared a path to the bridge but the paras took out the Pz IV that got onto the bridge.
In game three the Japanese were forced out due to Marine flamethrowers and the mortar which was lethal........but I have a feeling I may have got the mortar rules wrong...sorry Geoff!!!
Paras and SS clash.Game two.

Game two.

Game three- the Japanese defenders await the US Marines- that order should read 'Ambush'!

Ralph led with his chin...the Sherman advanced and was taken out by a panzerfaust.

After the loss of their Sherman the Britsh withdraw in game one.

German Hanomag and a supporting squad.-Game two

Red Berets face off against a German halftrack.- Game two

German MG takes up position- Game two

German Pz IV gets to the bridge, Game two

Game one from 'the air'- Richard's Germans move into the village after destroying Ralph's Sherman

Game one

US Marines(Phil) advance on the Japanese(Geoff) trenches in game three

Advancing SS. Game two

The Pz IV loses an encounter with PIAT

The Paras take out a halftrack.


  1. Fantastic shots. Good to see the boys have taken to the Bolt Action rules.

    1. Thanks Spyros..yes with varying degrees of enthusiasm!

  2. Great report with fantastic looking buildings!

  3. That you can set up and run 3 games at one is very impressive. Great shots too!

    1. Thanks Monty....I was frazzled at the end....and I think I may have got a few things wrong!